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    There seem to be a number of Steampunk enthusiasts within the Esoteric Order, a matter brought to my attention by Smog: Rise of Moloch kickstarter.

    However, the enlightened members also doubt the aforementioned game will be entertaining enough and are simply involved for the miniatures.

    I have recently purchased In Her Majesty’s Name as one such example, but have yet to fully immerse myself in the rules.

    While pursuing the matter via my ether viewer I stumbled up Wolsung Steampunk Skirmish Game, finding both the miniatures and setting possess a certain appeal.

    The rules are free to download if anyone is interested…

    I look forwards to reading your comments and perhaps be enlightened as to other games of similar variety.

    Yours sincerely

    Professor Pagan

    Universal Head

    Indeed, I do believe there are any number of eminently efficacious tomes that would be well applied to a set of attractive miniatures of this mien. While I regard the term “steampunk” to be somewhat coarse and ill-refined, I also find the particular marriage of magic, horror, playfulness and Victoriana exemplified by the little Smog plastic homunculi currently on offer to be most delictatious.

    At this juncture we may choose between In Her Majesty’s Name, Smog: The Thirteenth Hour, and Wolsung. The possibilities are remarkable!

    With the greatest respect and admiration to you and your numerous dependents,
    Lord Petrus Caput Omnium


    After a cursory examination of the second printing of the previously referenced Wolsung, it is with some small regret that I must inform you, that the tome is curtailed at the point where membership of the various clubs is detailed.

    Presumably a marketing ploy to encourage the purchase of the hardbound tome.

    However, the first edition does contain such information, so unless there is significant difference between the two iterations, it should be possible to combine the two.


    Further investigation revealed the location of the Wolsung cards…

    …for the second edition rules…


    Love Wolsung….minis,rules and Terrain are great…nice flow…interesting fluff and characterfull minis. Did take part in the KS (my first KS btw) with a huge chunk and I am happy with it.

    @The8thPagan Your link goes to the complete 1. Ed with everything in it that is absolutly playable. The 2nd Ed. has some fluff, a map and 3 new Minis as new part…and only cleared some rules up and was newly edited. The Clubs remaind the same…so for actual stats/rules of the minis go to the cards that are also free to download. And there is also a character creator on the side in case you want to make your own mini.

    I recomend to go over to Beast of War for some Demo games with of the guys from MAS…they are really well done and informative…but you have to go back a bit…I think its over 2+ years back now.

    As a game it goes fast and is fluid…I like the card mechanic…it scales nicely from 2-3 minis up…and has enough depth with combos ect. to have lots of fun…and Plays best with objektives/Scenarios and medium to heavy Terrain. And I really like the minis.

    Oh…and if you are interested in the fluff…there is a RPG full of it. 🙂


    Seen the RPG, but I’m more interested in the skirmish at the moment.

    Might try it out with proxy miniatures first, but they do look cool.

    I like the idea of masters and servants. Interesting mechanic where the wealth of master determines how many servants can be employed.

    Also, it’s good that it’s not just a two player game. That’s something I like about Frostgrave which I have all the books for.

    Saw some of the Beasts of War demo game on the KS page.

    Universal Head

    Excellent work Professor Pagan! But my Lord, the graphic design and art style is remarkably inappropriate …

    Universal Head

    Cards are certainly the fashion in tabletop miniatires games these days, aren’t they?


    Cards are convenient. I prefer them to the app for Warmachine.

    Good for Imperial Assault too in skirmish mode, but in campaign mode the equipment, class and agenda cards really clutter the table. Slows down play while looking through them.

    As for Wolsung…. so tempted to buy a couple of factions. £25-35 per starter and that’s just two ‘members’ with three ‘servents’, so not going to be cheap.

    Smog Moloch looking like expensive option now. I think all in is $244. Still some issues with the short campaign for so much money and, based on comments at KS, I’m not the only one concerned.

    Have you considered retasking your ‘Others’ miniatures for a skirmish game? With all the sins and minions you could make an epic game.


    Perhaps someone skilled in the creative arts would be interested enough to redesign those cards into something more appropriate…

    Universal Head

    No more tabletop army unit card redesigns! They take HUNDREDS of hours to do.


    I may be doing something redesign of my own, mostly cut/paste knowing me. Planning on creating some custom characters for Wolsung based on some of my RPG groups favourite characters.

    And as I bought the Wolsung rules now, I’ll be getting a couple of factions… increasing the chances of me dropping out of Moloch significantly.

    I’m still not happy with the replay value with so few missions in the core game and don’t want to buy everything. Some miniatures are nice, but not all and a lot are duplicates…. Do I really need more zombies? And clowns are lame, not scary.

    Wolsung has some nice miniatures and there’s more setting fluff in that game.

    Moloch will have minimal setting and as a cmon game I expect it to be badly flawed until ‘season two’.

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