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    Universal Head

    Now that I’m getting some of my old minis back, I’m thinking about storage. At the moment I hve a hodge-podge of systems – sometimes they’re stored in the game box, sometimes in foamcore trays, sometimes in metal toolboxes after I’ve superglued rare earth magnets on their bases.

    The latter solution seems to be the best for keeping the little buggers undamaged and easy to access, but I have 4 metal toolboxes already and it’s starting to take up a lot of space. So I’m thinking of getting one or more of these toolbox trolleys instead.

    How do you store your minis? Any other ideas?

    Tool Trolley

    CK Lai

    I’m as bereft of ideas as you are, UH. Waiting for suggestions from fellow gamers.


    Storage solution that trolley you suggested wouldn’t work for me. Games are stored upstairs and games room downstairs.

    It’s not just miniatures for me, it’s expansions. The first couple can usually be stored in the box, but it soon gets out of hand.

    My X-WING miniatures are stored in KR Multicase.

    Brimstone in foam core using both boxes and a plastic box for counters and poker chips (used to track xp and money).

    Thinking of using Mansions version one box to store small base figures in slots with the rest and tiles in new box.

    Imperial Assault spread over three boxes with expansions using foam core.

    In short, no single solution… other than not painting them.

    I think it depends a lot on transport. You need better protection if you play on taking them elsewhere. If you play at home mostly and can store them safely, the protection is less important.


    My mini collection is rather modest, but I lately got myself a nice display case to keep them in sight.
    Display case

    As for my X-Wing miniatures they are kept in an assortment of bags with foam padding for easy transport. They are the only ones I have to lug around regularly.
    X-Wing bags

    Universal Head

    Fantastic display Ralf!

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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