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    Not really a Kickstarter but almost since it’s pre-order and they use Kickstarter rate for shipping 🙂

    Just recevied an email from Ares for this edition since I bought War of the Ring Anniversary Edition back in the day. But I can’t pre-order, my transaction won’t go through, curses!

    Here’s some info, and it will be available for pre-order on October 21st to the general public:

    $ 249.90 – $ 297.38

    126 painted figures
    deluxe large size game board
    special hardcover edition of the rulebook printed on high-quality textured paper
    2 deluxe player aids
    13 limited edition action dice
    10 limited edition combat dice
    92 tarot-size limited edition cards
    11 deluxe cardstock character and unit cards
    3 cloth recruitment bags
    1 fate token bag
    170 deluxe counters
    “The Fate of Erebor” rules and components
    numbered Certificate of Authenticity
    Estimated Shipping Date: September 2019

    Hope the box will provide a better storage solution for tokens and bags than WotR AE.

    Universal Head

    Oh yesssss, my preciousssssss …


    Isn’t just this just really War of the Ring lite?

    And $300 seems a lot of money.

    Universal Head

    It’s a Collector’s Edition, you’re paying a premium for premium pre-painted components. Considering what GW charge for a game these days, that’s actually excellent value!

    It uses some similar systems to WotR (eg action dice), but it’s really a game of its own, honing in on the one big battle and almost as complex as WotR. Check out my rules summary!


    I agree with UH – Bo5A uses the same basic system as WotR, but it is a great game on its own. It feels more tactical in scope (as it covers only the one battle), and puts more focus on individual characters, which makes for quite a dramatic difference in game play. More than you would expect from reading the rules. My (German) review is here.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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