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    Hi Again! Picked up Dead of Winter and started working on the insert, using the plans on here. Didn’t get very far due to making bad decisions with start time (close to midnight), so I figured I’d pop on here before I got too much farther:

    Has anyone been using these plans a decent amount? I was wondering how tight the fit was and if it would be reasonable to adjust the current design to feature more removable compartments. The cards are fine as is, but having a movable tray for the zombies and survivors would be useful, I think, for playing on a smaller surface.

    Would the extra bits of foamcore (bottom and separate walls) cause too much of an issue for the box to close flush, based on the current design?


    I didn’t make it since i don’t have the game but i quickly had a look at it.

    Seems possible to create removable trays for the zombies etc. However it’s always hard to tell how much space those “stacking-up”things really need without trying. If you want to make sure they fit, you could make the whole token tray in the middle smaller, looks like those got more than enough space as it is. So then you could make the trays of the zombies wider to compensate for the additional walls.

    Also there seems to be a cutout on the walls to place the gameboard and rules, looks like it has plenty of space, too. So you could make everything a tidbit higher (not the high walls on the left though).


    Hey fellow gamers!

    I recently got my long-awaited copy of Dead of Winter, and immediately came to the Order to see if there were plans for the box – and indeed there were!

    But after building it, I decided that instead of having the standees remain in the base box, I duplicated the removable box and simply took out the separator to make room for it. Added some custom made stickers for the sides and voila!

    Updated DoW box

    Universal Head

    Damn nice looking variant, thanks mrgameshow!

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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