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    Universal Head

    Greetings dear EOG members!

    Sometimes, trapped in my ivory EOG tower that I am, I lose sight of exactly how it is that people interact with my website. So this thread has ben created to ask you all what it’s like from your side of the high hedge.

    Is logging in to comment on the site easy? What was it like when you came here for the first time? Is the distinction between signing up for the forums and interacting with articles on the site evident, or not? Is there anything about how the site works that confuses you?

    I’d like to know of anything I can do to make it easier for people to comment on, interact with, and enjoy the EOG site.



    After just joining tonight the lack of clarity of how to register is not great. Love most everything else however.

    Universal Head

    Thanks – and welcome! I must have a good look at the registration process as I suspected it might be a bit confusing right out of the box. Anything specific?


    I’ve been a member so long, I don’t even remember the registration process, let alone whether it was easy or difficult.

    Now I just have my log in credentials saved to my browser so logging in couldn’t be simpler, except when my brain temporarily farts on the math problems. LOL 😉

    If I had one request (which is all I can think of right now anyway), it’d be to be able to edit my posts indefinitely after making them. We’ve discussed this before. I can edit a post within a certain allotment of time after it’s been created, which is fine. But I would like the ability to edit posts days/weeks/months later, should something new come to mind I think might help the post.

    Anyway. That’s all. 🙂


    Hello UH,
    Having joining the forums recently, all I can say is I found it easy enough and not unlike other forums, so not a problem and clear enough. I also keep my details saved on my browser so it takes just a simple math problem to log on. No worries there either. I do like the different “rooms”, which makes finding the content I want quite convenient.
    As for browsing the site, I like the current layout. Nothing to add at this point other than a request: add more WOK stuff… hehhehe

    Universal Head

    Well, that’s good to hear! Unfortunately I’m not much of a programmer, and for some reason it’s incredible hard to find a good, reliable one – so I’m dependent on BBPress working properly.

    When I get some time I must do some tests and see if there aren’t any tweaks I can make to the visual side of it at least.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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