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    Universal Head

    The Other Side

    I’m really interested in this – I love the steampunk style, the preassembled minis, and the multi-figure bases. But I’ve only pledged $1 right now because I’m underwhelmed by the current value for money. I’m also concerned that most of the extras are going to be coming from expensive add-ons, rather than stretch goals.

    So … I’m interested, but personally I’d like to see better bang for the buck before I commit to another miniatures game.

    I’ve commented to this effect in the comments section – and other people are concerned about the value for money – but the disappointing reply was (I’m paraphrasing of course) we think it’s good value and if it’s not for you then that’s fine, seeya’, which just goes to show you should train people in customer communications before you let them loose answering comments on Kickstarter campaigns, because the immediate reponse in my head was ‘fine, you can bugger off then’.

    CK Lai

    Wow. I’m so thrilled. $42 add-ons as Stretch Goals! That’s what every backer wants to see.

    Way to go, Wyrd! 👍


    A friend of mine has Malifaux and has shown interest in The Other Side, but not pledged (as far as I know) yet.

    It doesn’t really impress me and I pointed him towards Twisted which has a late pledge option and will ship in a few months.

    Similar sort of game with more interesting miniatures, but still not cheap to get into. Plus side for you is Australian so cheaper shipping presumably.


    I am also not so convinced by those huge “treys” for 3 minis….think this game would have benefitted from a smaller scale perhaps? I have no problem with lipped bases…but those giants distract me too much.

    Universal Head

    Wyrd are doing a crappy job with that Kickstarter – any interest I had at the start evaporated as they kept adding expensive add-ons and no free models. But considering how they replied to my concern about value, they only seem interested in preaching to the converted.

    And yeah, I agree the huge bases look silly, especially when there’s only one figure left in them.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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