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    CK Lai

    It’s here, and I’m already testing out the gameplay to learn the rules (solo, but what the heck).

    I’m beginning to think Eric Lang should be banned from designing games for life! He’s got a tendency to create games which are simple to play (mechanically) but present you with lots and lots of tough choices to make!

    Sure it’s a staple of the “dudes on a map” variety… can even be considered an extension of the dungeon crawl genre… but each player really has a lot of different things they can do each time its their turn.

    It’s also interesting that in 1 round, each player can have 2 discrete turns… And there’s not a set Sin Player turn… instead, there’s a limited number of interrupt activations to move the Sin minions in between each Hero turn. Makes each turn varied and unpredictable. And the missions! Oy… How does branching mission paths grab you?

    And the THEME! OMG, talk about dripping in theme. The Corruption mechanic is sheer genius. It’s soooo easy to slide down the path of Dark Power one Corruption token at a time…

    (It’s only the 1st Round already Dr. Leah the leader has maxed out her Corruption…)

    I’ll let UH show you the GORGEOUS production quality and the minis in his upcoming “Joy of Unboxing” video… needless to say, backers will NOT be disappointed. Looks like this KS was truly Value For Money in both quantity of stuff and gameplay (YMMV on this last bit, though). I’m a happy backer and the delay was worth it.

    (The only add-on I er… added-on, but look at those mini… er… “bigatures”!)


    Looking good. Oh dear, Dr. Leah is so corrupted by Pride !

    The cardboard counters are really well cut so they ‘punch out’ so easily.

    My OCD is preventing me playing until I’ve painted my guys a bit more. Everything else laid out ready for the initial test game.

    CK Lai

    Heh. If I was OCD about painting my minis, I’d never play my games as I’m a slow painter (even though it’s just a basic coat of paint with no highlights and Army Painter Quickdip).

    But yeah… watch out for the Corruption… not having any room to manipulate your Corruption will kill you just as surely has having no more wounds left. Dr. Leah died the next round: the Monster attacked her and caused too much Corruption (bypasses direct damage).

    It seems Eric Lang is on a roll. The Others is a nice, solid one-vs-many game, even though it doesn’t introduce anything new like what he did in Blood Rage.

    CK Lai

    @Universal Head : good news. Managed to play a 1 vs 3-player game tonight. All were newbies but all enjoyed themselves and said it was a good game. Many decisions to make. All felt involved. Best part was the FAITH team had essentially 3 “lives” so even if one hero dies, another one just takes his/her place. Tougher for the Sins player, though.

    So all in all, looks like this is a solid game from CMON, thanks to Eric Lang. Simple, but not simplistic.

    Universal Head

    The huge box just arrived! Wow, it is big. Now this is value for money.

    My partner has suggested I don’t open it until tomorrow, as we’re going out this afternoon and won’t be back until the evening, and I really should be doing some work before we leave. Personally this suggestion sounds like utter madness to me, but perhaps I should wait until tomorrow and I have the time to do a nice relaxed, detailed unboxing.

    It’s now sitting on the table, taunting me with the huge amount of gaming goodies lurking inside.


    It looks beautiful. I’m glad to hear you like it so far CK.

    Being in Scotland it might be November before we see delivery of that enormous box of goodies.

    Universal Head

    The value for money in this Kickstarter is gobsmacking. I’m finding it very hard to justify buying things like Mansions of Madness Second Edition, in which for a price not too much lower than I paid for this, you a few get crappy bendy poorly-sculpted minis.


    Poorly sculpted minis can be forgiven or replaced with something better if you have an alternative and the cash…

    But a poorly constructed game is harder to fix.

    Thus far I’m enjoying Mansions and hopefully latest patch has fixed some of the issues (and a busted save was big issue).

    With the Others the miniatures were just too ‘ugly’ for my liking and I’m having more fun with co-op (being the eternal GM) so the 1 v many was a big turnoff for me.

    But I am looking forwards to the unboxing of the Others.

    Universal Head

    Not for a US$100 game I don’t reckon they can. If you’re going to charge a premium you have to supply high quality in game and components.

    CK Lai

    Yes, the amount of value you get is simply ridiculous. Not complaining, though 🙂

    Say what you want about CMON’s Kickstarter games being pre-orders or whatever, you do get a ton of stuff for your hard earned dollars.

    The fact that you also get a good game on top of all that is a bonus. The icing on the cake, as it were 🙂

    I’ve watched a few unboxings of this game already but always look forward to your Joy of Unboxing videos, UH!

    (I think one thing about The Others is, as the Sins player, you don’t have to hold back. There’s never a time when you feel there’s nothing you can do. The trick is managing the stuff you have in your hand… do you use it now, or later? Some cards/abilities work well for certain heroes, while others are more generic.)

    : yeah, I feel for you guys stuck with that whole “EU shipping is delayed due to summer hols” craziness. But I’ve got one Kickstarter coming in from Greece and I just got an update from them saying the entire national postal service is shut down for 3 weeks until August 22 so that’s not as far fetched as it may sound.


    In UK Royal mail is six days week except bank holiday, so one Monday off in summer. Many parcel couriers deliver 7 days a week.

    Greece is just lazy… 3 weeks off… that’s stupid.

    Universal Head

    I like that the Sins player doesn’t have to hold back. In 1 vs many games the 1 often feels like a GM in a RPG rather than someone playing the game; having to orchestrate the game so the other players have a good time.

    Shutting down the national postal service for 3 weeks is just ridiculous.

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