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    I saw the post about favourite games and was about to reply to some of the favourites in a negative way… and didn’t.

    Bit of restraint for me, as I usually unleash and get criticised for having an opinion that does not coincide with that of others.

    Why hold back?

    Simple really.. it’s unimportant.

    There are good games and bad games and boring as hell games, but it’s all opinions.

    If it works for you… that’s fine.

    I’ll play what I like and try not to tell you why you’re wrong!


    Indeed, I find it is better for my enjoyment, general well-being and mental health to focus on the good games, instead of ranting about the bad ones. Usually I manage to adhere to that credo, but not always. 😀


    I won’t berate you, promise. 🙂

    I like hearing different perspectives on stuff I like.

    Most often I like hearing people tell me why something I don’t like is actually good. Lets me take another look at something I may have missed before.


    Yeah, other people’s opinions don’t have any effect on what I like or why I like it. Like most people, if you tell me you hate a game I like I will just secretly think you are wrong, lol.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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