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    This topic is less about game-play and more about how well existing games’ thematic structure translates into other mediums. For my discussion, film. Hence, I have not posted this topic in the ‘gaming room’ forum.

    Of course, any theme can be turned into a film and plenty of films have been inspired from games, but it’s been a mixed bag. Dungeons and Dragons, Mortal Combat, Cluedo/Clue, Doom, etc have had varying degrees of success and following. So I’m wondering, what other games have enough meat on the bone to flesh out into live-action film mediums?

    Now, Eldritch horror is a favourite among my friends and is currently my sister’s favourite. I’ve recently been saying, that of all the games I know of, EH is the one I’d like to see as a TV mini-series. Adapted right from Fantasy Flight’s intellectual property. Why? Because it’s ALL there! The look, the settings, the scenarios, the character’s back stories…I could list more. The only thing missing is a script and screenplay, good ones, because Lovecraft deserves that. I reckon companies like ‘Starz’ could do a good job with it. I say a TV series rather than a movie because I do believe the scope is that wide with EH’s globe-trotting mysteries and mythos events. It would have to be a movie trilogy at least.

    To be honest, I don’t know many films inspired by Lovecraft’s cosmic horror. I love John Carpenter’s The Thing, So I’m excited upon learning via UH, that director Guillermo del Toro is trying to make a ‘Mountains of Madness’ movie! Somebody send him this game (especially with the MoM expansion)!

    What other games would be suitable contenders?


    I want a cinema triology about warhammer 40000. OR good tv episodes in moviequality.



    @Alex: Certainly what I considered. There was Ultramarines: A Warhammer 40,000 Movie in 2010. It was CGI with a good voice cast but apparently not quite up to scratch so I haven’t seen it. Of all settings for live-action, this would probably end up as one the most expensive projects ever! I guess it would depend on what story arc to portray, because hell are you going to cover all the lore in one movie! TV series? I’m sure millions would watch it, but again the cost. You never know, could this happen in the next 20 years?

    Universal Head

    Well, there’s no reason Fantasy Flight has to be involved; Lovecraft’s work is copyright-free (on the whole), and there’s virtually nothing that FFG hasn’t taken out of existing lore. Unfortunately it’s very difficult to translate Lovecraft’s atmosphere of creeping otherworldy horror to film, as a rule. The most successful efforts I’ve seen are the low budget ones by The H.P. Lovecraft Historical Society. Perhaps FFG’s more ‘action-oriented’ approach would work for a series or film however.

    As for Warhammer 40,000, I’ve often wondered why a big budget scifi flick hasn’t be made set in the universe, and concluded that even though we as gamers think it’s a very well known property, it’s probably not well-known enough in the non-gaming world to justify the $100 million-plus budget it would need. It’ll probably happen one day (unless Games Workshop continues what seems to be its current business strategy of shooting itself in the foot and goes under), though the whole grimdark thing may be difficult to capture in a film with a PG13 rating. 🙂


    Omam: i am a big Fan of wh40k. So i collect much things from this scifi Universe. And sure i buy the Ultramarines Film immediately if ist released.
    I think too, that a Cinema production OR a tv Series will be much expensiv. But it have to be much expensiv, i dont want another Film like Ultramarines. It is nice to watch for Fans, but thats it.
    And yes there is a overchoice what scenario the Story show.
    For the First triology i would say, we Beginn with the horus heresy, warhammer 30000. the Movie Time lenght per Film have to be 3 Hours.

    Now you all think i am Crazy, isnt it?


    Alex: Yup! You’re a looney! 😀

    UH: You hit the nail on the head. FFG’s ‘action-oriented approach’ is exactly how I picture it.

    I guess there’s only one other question. Which is, as much as we would love to see these games envisioned for film, would we, if needs be, be willing to put our own money (and faith) towards such a project? Crowd funding style. Actually, that’s a stupid question, because it really would depend…

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