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    Universal Head

    I just received my box down here in New Zealand, and I have to say I’m incredibly impressed. The huge amount of effort and dedication that has gone into this is obvious. I was also impressed and pleased by the free extras that had been added and the personal message in letter form thanking me as a backer and talking about the subject matter.

    My only tiny criticisms are that the text in the book of scripts is a bit too close to the inner margin, and the cardboard used for the cards is a bit slightly lower quality than I would have preferred (though I’ll be sleeving my cards).

    Otherwise, a very impressive job and it’s been quite some time since I’ve been so excited about getting a game to the table.

    Of course I’ve filmed an unboxing that will be here on the site soon.

    I’m now going to have another look at Lords of Hellas (cleverly, they threw in a promo miniature), which I’d previously decided I wasn’t going to back … 🙂

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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