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    If you don’t know what the abbreviation means…. what are you doing on this gaming forum?

    The turtles are on Kickstarter…

    Sort of interested, but its another one vs many game and I’m going to be kept busy with Imperial Assault for a while where I’m the ‘one’.

    CK Lai

    Hmmm… you know, 20 years ago, if this had come out… I would’ve been all over it.

    Now? Too many games with similar mechanics (but it’s the TMNT!!!!). Interesting (proposed) gameplay… but how will it hold out in real life? Already have too many similar games (Imperial Assault, The Others, Claustrophobia, Rise of the Kage, Dungeon Saga, Escape: Fighting for Freedom, Sedition Wars (!!!), Tannhauser…). It’s got to be really special for me to back now (but it’s TMNT!!!!). And no game play video?

    Universal Head

    Sorry, the whole TMNT thing has always seemed too kiddie for me, never understood the appeal!


    The ‘buy my game’ video on KS is bad. Looks amateurish. I mentioned it because I saw it on KS and thought someone on forums may be interested.

    I almost pledged to Ghostbusters last year, but didn’t as they were overcharging on postage and the gameplay put me off.

    Selling a game is made easier by tagging it with a famous brand… or putting CMON or Zombie in it.

    Jack Romeo

    I loved the turtles when I was a kid, but it’s one of the childhood franchises that didn’t carry over into adulthood. Same with Ghostbusters, so passed on that as well. Then again, movie and series-inspired games feels forced in my opinion. While I’ve played and enjoyed both Battlestar Galactica and Spartacus, the whole TV-tie gives me a negative vibe.


    Seems to be well rec’d being almost double funded. You appear to get a ton of stuff.
    The figures look like they would be fun to paint. The Mousers looks like a cross between K-9 and a robot chicken.

    CK Lai

    The Mousers harken way back to the earliest issues of TMNT during the great Black and White comic book boom.

    What’s more heretical for TMNT fans is Splinter is KS-exclusive only?


    Despite the recently terrible TMNT movies, a lot of the newer TMNT comics have actually been very good. The minis look cool and the fact there are pizza status tokens is awesome. CK is right, it is disrespectful to TMNT fans that Splinter is a KS exclusive. The dice mechanic seems weird to me.


    I backed this on day one but dropped at the end. They had many of the big characters as KS exclusive. But when you dug into it what it meant was “This sculpt & mechanic are unique to the KS but the characters will be available at retail”. Okay, I can live with that. But digging deeper what they meant was “These will be alpha versions of these characters and final versions will be released at retail”. And I realized I didn’t want to pay to alpha test. Top that off with a bunch of games with similar mechanics and I figured I could live without it. And pick it up at retail if it holds up.

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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