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    I’m sure you’re all aware of Cthulhu: Death May Die on kickstarter by now.

    It’s cmon, so plastic intensive as usual, but it doesn’t need to be for the gameplay, but ‘no one would buy a game on merit… it has to be full of plastic’.

    I know… I’m guilty of falling for plastic, but more wary now and try to make sure some fun is included along with the plastic… a reason why I am avoiding cmon to be honest…

    And they have a reputation of releasing games and the next year fixing the problems with ‘season 2’ of the same game… but my issues with backing games on ks so that I can beta test for the company are worthy of another topic… which I’ll get too another time.

    Anyway… this particular ks has something worthy of mention… a Cthulhu expansion that costs and extra $120 (more if you didn’t get one of the first 250 made available and 150 now)… and it’s so expensive because of two miniatures… an investigator… and a massive Cthulhu (almost 2 feet tall).

    Apparently the expansion has one scenario and you battle Cthulhu on the figure (miniature is inappropriate). So you’re paying $120+ for one scenario… and a very big figure.

    When it was just 250 copies available it had a certain collectible quality, but now they have made it unlimited and 4500 people have backed at that level… so it’s not collectible anymore.

    And then there’s the postage (and this is just for the big Cthulhu, not the game itself)… for america it’s less than $20 for most, double+ for canada, $50-£100 for europe, and $113 for New Zealand (half that to australia).

    And the other monster sculpts are… in my opinion… crap… not very mythos like.

    Typical cmon stretch goals… loads of investigators… a few minions… and the extra old ones will no doubt be $50 addons as the campaign progresses.

    So… it’s very expensive, unpainted, has one use only, not collectible and expensive to ship.

    I think that sums it up… I’m not interested in buying a Cthulhu doorstop thanks and the game does not interest me either.

    Universal Head

    I think CMON make good quality games and I’ve been happy with everything I’ve received from them so far. They’re pretty clever here, reading the market demand for big miniatures that Mythic pioneered. But …

    I agree, it’s an expensive doorstop.

    They seem to be happy to cement the (in my opinion, unwarranted) impression among many gamers that they make games that are all about the minis and not about the games themselves. And of course, the money is rolling in, so why wouldn’t they?

    It’s another impressive-looking production that ticks all the right boxes in designer pedigree, quality, art, and miniatures. But …

    I think I’m giving it a miss this time. And it’s mostly because I’m absolutely tired of Mythos-themed games. There really is very little difference that I can see between this and Mansions of Madness. Yes, the miniatures are far, far superior, but do I really want to fork out the cash for such a similar game experience? I hardly get to play Mansions of Madness as it is. And my backlog of unpainted miniatures seems to be growing exponentially.

    Basically, it just isn’t different enough to join my collection.

    Which makes me a little sad, as I love many of CMON’s games. I think SMOG is a triumph. If this game had a more interesting, original theme I probably would go for it.

    I’ll probably regret it when it comes out and everyone says “it’s much better than Mansions of Madness”, but I have to start drawing a line in the sand, or I’ll end up with a room packed with unpainted and unplayed games.

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