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    I’ve noticed more an more kickstarters appearing that are nice, but too expensive.

    Judgement is one of those and comes from the land down under.

    54mm miniatures look good, but to get enough miniatures for a 5 v 5 two player game, you need to $425 AU, plus four extra miniatures at least as addons (another $184 AU) plus a battle mat ($90 AU)… so that over £400… plus postage.

    Out of my price range I’m afraid.

    Rules are available for free, but you’d need some custom dice and the cards, so converting the gods from Mythic Battles: Pantheon could be a challenge.

    Universal Head

    Ridiculously expensive. And there are too many straight-up combat games on the market.

    I’ve never seen a 54mm game that’s been successful, why don’t people learn? Smog 1888, FFG’s Mutant Chronicles, GW’s Inquisitor – all flops. The figures are too expensive, you need larger scenery, there’s usually too much game detail for each figure, transporting and storing them is hard … it just doesn’t work. And in every case the game would work just as well in standard 32mm scale.

    Shame, as it comes from my home town.


    Inquisitor came to my mind imedietly when I saw the minis. And I think you are right UH…the scale differents makes it nearly impossible to use them for anything else than this game and a few painters…and even than its to expensive.

    But exactly for all those reasons KS is probably the only place to make this “foolish” idea become reality…and strangely enough therefore is more “in tune” with the basic KS concept than all those tons of minis KS of late 😉

    CK Lai

    @Soulsorcerer : you make a very good point 🙂

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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