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    Hello all,

    Can anyone comment on how to get the best results when printing Universal Head’s amazing rule references?

    Universal Head

    When I had an Epson colour printer I would print my sheets on both sides of heavyweight matt double-sided paper, use a metal ruler and craft knife to trim, then laminate them with my own laminator. After a house move, I now just have a HP printer, and print on gloss paper, trim, then use spray adhesive to glue the two sides together, and don’t worry about the lamination.

    We’re metric here, so I always print ‘A4 borderless’, and of course, at 100%. I’ve tried to keep Imperial pages in mind when designing the sheets, but would be interested if anyone has had any issues – a few may be too large for letter(8.5×11 inch)-sized paper.

    That’s what I do. Over to you, EOG members!


    I cheated and went to staples to get it printed and laminated. Otherwise I think a Colour printer on 20Lb paper stock should give you great results. As for lamination, it depends on do you have access to one. I didn’t so I just went to staples and have them print it. Next time I might go to another print shop to see about pricing.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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