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    And here we have The Deathbloom and Madam Mui:

    Madam Hui Deathbloom

    And that’s it for Shael Han at last! I have a couple of leaders I didn’t get in the original campaign on the way, but now it’s time for another faction. I’ve half-done Hadross, so that will be my next focus (apart from the Teknes pigmen unit I’ve showcased here and the Goritsi Blood Engine, the Teknes and Goritsi armies are untouched).

    It just goes to show when you buy all 5 factions for an army game, you have a LOT of painting ahead of you. Investing in a new tabletop army game is a serious decision!


    Well…5 armies at once is a huge amount in any game. And they still look great! I had trouble choosing back then…so I did not back at all (and regret it)…so your choice seems to be the better one 🙂

    My choice to get started is Wolsung btw…I spent some time assembling my first mdf terrain…the wolsung stuff from micro art studio…and I have one faction build and primed..Ash&Oak. So after the buildings are complete (lots of stuff…2 warehouses,3 blocks of flats,some shanty houses,some walkways and lots of walls and market stands) we can play. And then I promised myself to get paint on those wolsung minis…oh boy :-% Might change my mind and try some old plasic minis first…I now I can strip minis I ruin…but I might feel more comfortable to start with minis I do not care so much…what do you think of that?!?


    I’ve only got one starter for Wrath of Kings, Shael Han, although it lacks the cool looking Lotus. I want to pick up another faction, but not seen any bargains on eBay.

    I have three Wolsung starters: Ash&Oak, Inventors and Scylla. Added a few extras and some mercenaries. All painted, but not up to UH standard.

    Thought about using Shael Han as Triad for Wolsung, but I’d rather get another faction for Wrath instead… soon as I find a bargain as £50+ for a starter seems a lot.

Viewing 3 posts - 25 through 27 (of 27 total)
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