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    Hey everyone!

    I have sadly been quite absent for a while from this forum and also from miniature painting in general since there was a lot of other stuff going on. So there is one thing i have to show that has nothing to do with boardgames (except if you count the witcher boardgame), but is crafted nonetheless. So if you feel like this should not be here, feel free to delete/move it. But since i have nothing better to show, i’m gonna show it anyway 🙂

    So i was invited to this kind of venetian masquerade ball and didn’t have a mask. Shortly before i played The Witcher 3 and there was a selection of masks in the game. Since i haven’t done much painting lately i quickly decided to recreate my favorite mask of the game and here it is:

    Mask 1

    And to show a bit more, let me take you through the (easy enough) process. To make it fit my face perfectly i cast it in plaster to work on it. Prepared a grid for the beak.
    Mask 2

    Used papier-mâché on it.
    Mask 3

    Created 3d elements using more papier-mâché
    Mask 4

    Once dry, cut out the shape and eyes.
    Mask 5

    Sculpted feathers (looks a bit more like scales i know…) with milliput
    Mask 6

    Added the ornaments with thick windowpainting-color
    Mask 7

    Covered the whole thing in Gesso
    Mask 8

    Started painting with airbrush
    Mask 9

    The rest was just airbrushing and a little bit of brush work for the ornaments. Also attached the straps of course. Ended up with this:
    Mask 10

    I hope i soon have some miniature work to show again. There’s this reaper miniature lying around untouched…

    Universal Head

    Fantastic old-school craft! Nice work, it looks very impressive.


    That’s freakin fantastic!

    And what a great game, eh?

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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