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    Universal Head

    Righto folks, what games have you been playing lately? Let’s hear it!

    I recently got Magic the Gathering: Arena of the Planeswalkers on the table, finally. I have had the core set and both expansions for a while. It was simple and fun, Heroscape plus a deck of spells each. I like the distinctive play styles of the different Planeswalkers. The board is ugly, but I can’t see why one couldn’t use old Heroscape terrain instead.

    Last weekend I played Chaos in the Old World (4 player game). Still an excellent game, though it really would benefit from more plays. If you haven’t played it for a while you forget the strategies for the various chaos gods, and I always end up thinking “next time I’ll do THIS” and then forgetting all that by the next time it gets played. For example, everyone has to cooperate in making sure Khorne doesn’t get an easy win by killing off figures.

    The other one I played for the first time was Mousquetaires du Roy, the semi-coop Three Musketeers game. This was a lot of fun, though I’m glad I spent ages making the rules summary, as it would have been completely impenetrable otherwise. Worst rulebook EVER! The game reminded us a bit of Shadows Over Camelot, though it feels more co-operative for the musketeer players, and there’s heaps of luck. The musketeers won the day, by the way.

    So, what are you playing?


    Man, Chaos in the Old World is one of my favorite games of all time. Have you played the expansion? It adds the Skaven and also gives you alternate cards to use with the different gods.

    I have played ROOT, and it is very popular in my group right now. It is an interesting assymetrical game, althoufh I found the combat a little weak.

    I got to play Warhammer: Underworlds Shadespire again this week, and I always look forward to getting to play this game. I have everything available for it so far. Building your deck for your warband before is just as much fun as playing the game.

    I do quite a bit of family gaming as well, and got a game in of Villainous with my daughter. It is the new game where everyone plays a Disney villain and has to try and win before everyone else. Completely assymetrical which is very cool for a gateway weight game.

    Universal Head

    Yep, we had 5 players so ratty was in there. In fact he won! Haven’t played enough to try the alternate cards yet though.

    ROOT: there are a lot of ‘woodland creatures’ themed games out at the moment aren’t there? Not a theme that excites me very much. Worth looking into more?

    Still haven’t tried Shadespire, it’s pretty pricey here for what it is and I have so many straight up combat games.


    Yeah, I can see that, although Shadespire does offer the deck building aspect. It is almost like Magic the Gathering for miniature gamers.

    Root is a good game, but I agree that the theme isn’t that appealing. I do like it, but I find the Euro gamers in my group like it more. Maybe it is more of a Euro gamers war game, in a way.

    I can’t believe I forgot, but I played a game of Cry Havoc as well. One of ym favorite dudes on a map style games and very assymetrical. I also played with the expansion which adds a lot of options for the factions. If you haven’t played I think it is worth a try.


    So my relentless efforts at my FLGS has me playing Star Wars Legion quite often in the last weeks. On Saturday we had 2 tables playing parallel and we had much fun and lots of people where interested…so I hope this grows further. 🙂

    Otherwise…not much playing other than some card game matches in L5R and Arkham Horror.


    I played “Gaia Project” on Thursday. A pretty heavy Euro (complexity similar to Caverna or Tzolkin), but very nicely produced and a good SciFi theme. Once you’ve wrapped your mind around teh myriad of options, it does feel very logical and smooth in play. We might actually have played everything correctly in our first game.

    Saturday night it was Runewars night, where we played two great battles of elves vs undead. My regular opponent is now building his own tables and terrain, yay!


    All of my game nights lately have revolved around either Infinity or Kill Team.

    Though I did play a cute little game with my 6-year-old daughter called “Mysterious Forest” by iello games. It’s based on a web comic series with some pretty art, and that’s about all I can tell you about that. The game itself is a cooperative memory game.

    – You lay out a series of cards, 8 I think, face down which represent the trail to the big bad at the end. Each card has either two or three “equipment” symbols on it. Thematically, this is what you need in order to overcome the challenge on that card.
    You’re only allowed to look at each card once before you turn it back face down and look at the next, and so on.

    – Once you’ve looked at all the cards players then take turns rolling 4 dice, the faces of which match up with the equipment symbols. You must select two of the four dice results to add to your backpack. You continue doing this until your backpack is full.

    – Once that happens you advance through each of the face down cards and move the equipment tokens from your backpack to the card for each challenge. If you remembered all the symbols correctly and make it all the way to the end you win. If you don’t, you lose.

    Like I said, it’s cute with good production value and very nice kid friendly artwork. It was a little easy, even for my daughter, but she had fun nevertheless. There are a couple different difficulty adjustments, so we’ll see where that takes us. It plays nice and fast, and the art and theme holds the attention of younger players. I’m happy with it.

    CK Lai

    I’ve been playing In Her Majesty’s Name, Pulp Alley and MERCS 2.0 for August. Lots of fun!

    (Crystal Ball time: I foresee a bit of Kill Team in the future too, as soon as I manage to assemble and paint my Tau Kill team 🙂 ).


    I have recently pulled Dust 1947 out of the attic. I actually have been playing the gridded version. It lacks some of the nuance of the free movement version but you can get a couple of games in in the same amount of time. And it is easier to teach to new people.

    Another dive into the past is Middle Earth Quest. If I had to pick one Tolken game it would still be War of the Ring, but this one is nipping right on its heals.

    Universal Head

    I was casting an eye over my huge collection of Dust stuff the other day. One day I need to get out the airbrush and just paint all those vehicles! Also learning yet another edition of the rules has given me pause.

    I quite enjoyed the old gridded version, but stopped playing it when I moved on to the tabletop version. But it certainly had the virtue of simplicity and was something different that people hadn’t seen before. I always thought those original dice – just hit and blank – were so iconic, and they made a big mistake by making them more complex.

    Middle Earth Quest is great, though for some reason I’ve only played it a couple of times. Must get that out again too!

    Ahh, so many games, so little etc. I really don’t feel the need to buy anything new at the moment, there’s so much variety in my collection already and the industry seems to be a bit stagnant at the moment; nothing has really excited me for a while.


    We just played the first scenario (or the second if you will) of the Dunwich Legacy campaign for Arkham Horror LCG. “The House Always Wins” was amazingly thematic, an excellent session!

    Universal Head

    It’s a great game, I’ve got up to and including the Dunwich series. Though I find it annoying how they’re re-releasing the campaigns in revamped sets, as it makes me wait until they do it for the next series instead of just buying them as individual packs.

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