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    Yep, we still ran our weekly rpg session on Tuesday, but that was probably the last one in a while. I’ll probably paint a lot of minis in the coming weeks. 😀 New Zealand ist still very low in numbers, UH, but prepare yourself! Hope your government/public is quicker to react and more sensible than the US and UK for example. They usually seem to be, as far as I can see from here.

    Universal Head

    NZ just closed its borders last night. About 20 cases and no sign of community transmission yet here so we’re pretty lucky. I’m used to working from home, the only problem is work is seriously drying up.


    I here ya Peter, I am from Louisiana in the States and we have it the worst it seems. Too much socializing in this state, lol. I work in the Oil & Gas industry, so you can imagine how slow work is with gas being so cheap. I am still working though, which is nice considering how many people have been laid off. Maybe I can actually finish some painting!

    As far as games played I played a few games of Mission: Red Planet Second Edition with my family and it was great to get that one to the table again. One of my favorite family weight games for sure.

    I played another mission of me and my daughters Aftermath campaign, and once I got the rules down we really enjoy it.

    I played 3 games of Space Cadets: Away Missions with my work room mate and it’s a great sci fi co-op. Very simple and streamlined, and I like that about it.

    Unfortunately I had a big game night planned while I was home where I was going to finally get to try my copy of DOOM the Board Game Second Edition but I canceled due to the virus, of course.

    I have Elder Sign with the Unseen Forces and Streets of Arkham set up right now to play solo when ever I get the chance. Looking forward to losing, but having fun doing it, lol.

    Universal Head

    Hope you stay safe. NZ is now in total lockdown, which is very sensible. Of course, none of us will see borders open for a long time, even if some countries do manage to stop the spread of covid-19. It’s going to be a strange world for a while.

    I haven’t played Red Planet for a long time. Nice little game. Elder Sign on the iPad is pretty good too, I’ve never played the physical version.


    I managed to get my Crusader Kings to to the table on Saturday – 4 player game, took us about 2.5 hours with rules explanation.
    Crusader Kings

    It was a fun, pretty old-school romp. We were a bit too cautious in regards to conflict and should have warred and invaded more, as well as run plots against the other players. Next time it’s gonna get a lot bloodier! 😉

    CK Lai

    Latest games have been 2 games of the Twisted Steampunk game and one Star Breach session. Both solo, for obvious reasons.

    @Universal Head : you might want to take a look at Star Breach. FREE rules for a minis agnostic game. You might be able to find some use for your AT-43 minis. And you might be able to dredge up a version of the older beta rules rules (2.3) that give you the campaign system.


    With this crazy lockdown, my boardgame group tried TableTopSimulator on steam. We made it easy for us and chose Twilight Imperium 4 as our first game 🙂 Works surprisingly well with a headset to talk to each other. It is no substitute….but for some situations, it is really great!

    How about we try to get together for a game on there. It should even be possible (on a weekend) with that 10-hour time difference (morning/evening)?

    CK Lai

    That’s an idea :thumbsup:


    Since the weekend one game of Edge: Dawnfall and two games of Demigods Evolution.

Viewing 9 posts - 157 through 165 (of 165 total)
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