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    Volstagg Vanyr

    Secret Handshakes and mumbled passwords having been duly Presented,
    I descend the Seven Hundred Steps of Deeper Slumber and enter the Great Library of the Dreamlands.
    Thus: I find myself in the mysterious ‘Hallowed Halls of the Esoteric Order’.
    “Home is where one hangs one Fezz.”

    About myself: I have passed into what I suppose passes for the Grognard stage of my ‘gamer evolution’:
    Having started with classic Boardgames in the late ’60’s, rejoicing in RPG’s through the 70’s,
    and devoting myself increasingly thereafter to Miniature gaming & CCG’s through until the early 2000’s,
    I find myself now returning to Boardgames (mostly due to time and space limitations, and a paucity of opponents).

    I have a presence on the BGG as ‘ White Elk ‘ and a recorded ownership of some 750+ games
    (Of which? I have in fact actually played each at least once! Please do see for points of commonality if so moved…)
    I also maintain bemused (if non-active) memberships as Volstagg Vanyr on the Lead Adventure Forum, Frothers, and TMP
    (Miniatures based sites, those: I still enjoy Painting even if I have never quite found the Grail of a rules-set).

    On a more personal note: I am a father of Two (and husband of One).
    The Eldest is off to College this week, and the Youngest is grudgingly willing to pick up the “game opponent slack”.
    I play several stringed and fretted instruments, and have some mediocre ability as a lyricist.
    Any more trivia would likely be either boring or self-indulgent (“..more so…” I mean of course).

    I count it as Privilege to have stumbled across these Fora in their nascent ‘New & Improved’ incarnation:
    Mostly as it gives me a chance to Thank the Universal Head for the incredible and prodigious effort in creating
    such a vast array of summations for the scores of perfectly Lovely games
    rendered useless by badly written, poorly edited, and / or under proofed rules folios.

    You are a Credit to your Mania,
    and an international (if mysterious!) Resource of some renown.
    Kudos, and Well Met!

    Universal Head

    Greetings Volstagg! An excellent introduction and a pleasure to read, though I do find it slightly disturbing that you seem to have gained access to one of the less accessible of the Order’s enclaves … the cat Drusilla of Ulthar wandered the halls as steward last I visited, I must speak to her about it.

    Delighted to have you join us. Well met indeed!

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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