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Home Forums The Gaming Room Whether or not to buy into The Battles of Westeros during FFG's Holiday Sale?

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    FFG’s Holiday Sale ends tomorrow (or today depending on where you live).
    I am already getting 5 Tannhauser miniature packs that i need from them.
    With the awesomely low prices for Battles of Westeros – i am going back and forth whether or not to get the base game and expansions (and if i do….do i get all of them that are available)?

    I always have kept an eye on this game. I already have both Memoir 44 and Battlelore 2.0 and like them both alot.

    I have heard people say that BoW is very, very good – some say even better than Battlelore/M44 if a person is looking for a step up in the complexity over those two games. Others say the game takes too long to set up and is too fiddly??

    Any feedback would be greatly appreciated on this game system – as the deadline for the FFG sale is looming!!

    Universal Head

    I just bought 4 of the BoW expansions so I now have the whole set. I think it’s an interesting and enjoyable game, very different from the other Commands & Colors games because it doesn’t divide the board up into regions and puts a big emphasis on the positions and abilities of leaders. It’s more complex and more strategic.

    Set up and pack up time is definitely a big issue, but if you like BattleLore and M44 and you’re looking for a deeper evolution of that kind of game, I’d recommend it.


    I played it recently for the first time and enjoyed it a lot. There seemed quite a bit of strategy and tactics involved, but it remained accessible. Us two newbies wrapped up rules explanation and the first scenario in about 2.5 hours.

    The figures are fiddly indeed and do need glueing (we tried just putting them in the bases as the rules suggested, but that was a pain), but it’s not insurmountable.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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