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    I recently received the Wild West Exodus 2nd edition rulebook as a free upgrade and decided to buy the Warrior Nation Starter set to go with the Lawmen vs Outlaw starter I already had.

    I thought £50 for seven figures along with the ‘Gubbins’ (cards, dice, templates etc) to play WWX was a bit expensive, but I really liked the indian faction sculpts…

    Anyway, I now consider that a bargain… as Gunfighters Ball is on kickstarter.

    The rules only is not too bad at $35 (with one bonus figure)…

    But the starter set is way overpriced… $135 for 6 extra figures, cards, dice etc and an MDF saloon…


    Wow, I just looked and that starter set is OUTLANDISHLY expensive for what you get.

    I will be staying away from this one, but I do love the “Drifter” exclusive figure – paying homage to the Clint Eastwood 3 western movie trilogy (sort of) about the Man With No Name. My favorite one is: The Good, The Bad and the Ugly.


    I did warn you… it would require spectacular stretch goals to make it worth anywhere near that.

    For that you could buy two WWX starter factions and two units of hands. That would be 28 miniatures, rules, cards dice and templates.

    CK Lai

    @8th : would be interested in what you think of WWX as I’ve been eyeing it for some time now.


    @CK… Soon as I get chance to play, but that may not be until next year.

    What I’ve seen in demo games looks good and the miniatures are very good (in my opinion).

    Hands are plastic and sharp detail.

    Bosses and faces are resin and look great, but resin is fragile (i’m worried about Carnevale for that… brittle is bad).

    I couldn’t turn down the Warrior Nation Starter…

    Needed the Gubbins: templates, tokens (cardboard!!!!), action cards and adventure cards.

    Ordered some hands for Warrior Nation to complete the faction (for now), so I’ll have Lawmen, Outlaws and Warrior Nation.

    As they’ve made Outlaws mercenaries, there’s potential for some large battles.

    And they reduced battlefield to 3×3 which is good for my gaming table.


    I like WWX…fluff and minis are great. Have not played the new edition…old rules where solid. The cards seem to be an intresting addition that I look forward to play with.

    You can download all you need for free on their hp and proxy some minis to see if the rules are for you…and you do meed only a few minis for each side to start…and can build up when you like it.

    CK Lai

    Thanks, 8th and Soulsorceror 🙂

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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