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    Finally this is my 5th planned but actually 4th foamcore insert built. Of course i stayed in my tradition to make everything quick and easy.

    Some day i played Wiz-War and i was bugged by all the different tokens and everything just being in a pile and not very handy. I decided to quickly make a simple foam core insert for it…this is what came out:

    The top layer consisting of three trays. The one with the cards to be put back into the box and the other two to just grab and put on the table.
    Wiz-War top layer

    The middle layer consisting of two trays. The big corner one with all the player stuff which can just be put back into the box and the square one with all the remaining tokens nicely separated to be put on the table. Together with the two token trays of the top layer, now everything necessary to play sits nicely on the table in those three trays.
    Wiz-War middle layer

    And finally the bottom layer with the labyrinth tiles in it. With all the other trays around it. The three on the right being the ones to be put on the table.
    Wiz-War bottom layer

    So after all it was not that simple and it was not that quickly made, either. I don’t want to play without it anymore though.


    Wow! Top notch work!

    I’ll definitely borrow this when I get around to buying Wiz War. It’s on my list.

    Universal Head

    People probably don’t realise how foamcore inserts can really speed up the setting up of a new game (and the playing of it). The token tray may at first glance seem like overkill, but it makes finding that correct token during play a breeze. Nice.


    Exactly my saying.

    Thanks guys!

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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