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    AvatarCK Lai

    With WoK, the whole morale/activation part is the meta-gaming aspect of the game. The balance between number of minis to optimise activations (and deny activations to your opponent) and morale (low morale, better initiative rolls… or you could lose faster).

    : regarding wanting to have a game complete out of the box … I’ve been trying out a number of skirmish games (Bushido, Nemesis, Alkemy…). All of them come with some background fluff and scenarios.

    Here’s the thing : the scenarios are exactly the same as the Motivation Cards in WoK. Control objectives? Check. Delivering something from point A to point B? Check. Kill enemy leader/commander? Check.

    Most scenarios are a variations of these basic ones.

    As for having a campaign out of the box… I’m not sure what other miniatures game has that (aside from GW stuff).

    Deadzone v1.0 had one. Not sure about v2.0. The upcoming Drakerys game (when it finally gets released) will have one.

    What other presently available (as opposed to OOP) miniatures skirmish games have that? Kings of War? Warpath? (Don’t know as I’m not interested in mass battle games). Firestorm? Dropzone? (Interested in Firestorm thanks to UH but so far have been able to resist temptation 😀 ).

Viewing 73 post (of 73 total)
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