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    The Wrath of Kings battle reports with Peter and Will where so good that I wanted to get into the game at some point. And Ash Barkers videos of Dark Age did the same…so I will share this little story of mine with those who care…or not ๐Ÿ™‚

    On “Black Friday” 2017 I was amazed about some of the discounts you can get in the USA. Most discounts around here are not really worth the madness (imho) and are not that far of my FLGS prices…so I normally shop there. But most USA discounts get unattractive after you take shipping to Europe (FFG is INSANE with their shipping costs!!!) and customs in account. I realized too late that CMON was super cheap in shipping to Europe…only 9$ FLAT. So I decided that I would look CMON up on “Black Friday” 2018. I do not like the trend of those “special days” at all…but with those discounts on Wrath of Kings and Dark Age I could not resist.

    Wrath of Kings Rulebook $8.00
    Wrath of Kings – Book 2 $6.00
    Goritsi Starter Box $14.00
    Shael Han Starter Box $14.00
    Map of Samaria $2.00
    Dark Age Conflagration $6.00
    Dark Age: Fanaticism $6.00
    Dark Age: Outcasts $8.00
    Dark Age: Forsaken $8.00
    Dark Age: Dragyri $8.00
    Dark Age 2017 Master Rules $4.00
    Dark Age: Skarrd $8.00
    Dark Age Sec. Objectives Deck $1.00
    Gortisi Ravenscar Box $7.00
    Gortisi Character Box $5.00
    Goritsi Blood Engine Box $7.00
    Goritsi Gotha Knights $7.00
    Goritsi Domani Mesmer $7.00
    Goritsi Whitemane Duellists $5.00
    Goritsi Moonclave Executioners $4.00
    Goritsi – Ravener Alpha $7.00
    Shael Han Iron Lotus Box $7.00
    Shael Han Character Box 1 $5.00
    Shael Han Character Box $5.00
    Shael Han Fulung Devourer Box $7.00
    Shael Han – Celestial Host $10.00
    Shael Han Paragons of Wrath $7.00
    Shael Han Celestial Gatekeepers $5.00
    Shael Han Celestial Tricksters $3.00
    Shael Han – Character Box 3 $4.00
    Shael Han Dragon Lancers $7.00
    Kukulkani Cabrakan Unit Box $14.00
    Kukulkani 2016 Cards $3.00
    Kukulkani Kaachika Unit Box $6.00
    Kukulkani Balam Unit Box $6.00
    Kukulkani Leadership Box $6.00
    Kukulkani Commanders Box $6.00
    Subtotal $250.00

    Yeah…I know….a bit much as a Holiday gift to my self….but I could not resist. Even with shipping and 20% custom charges this is insane for 2 complete WoK armies and a large part of an entire Dark Age faction…with all rulebooks and cards. Discounts are 80%+. Now…even if I might have invested in 2 dead games…I have everything I need (2nd smaller faction for Dark Ages is there ^^)…so I do not care. If they are not dead…even better ๐Ÿ™‚

    Universal Head

    Damn, I missed that Wrath of Kings sale. Curses!


    @UH Would you have gone for a new faction or to complement your existing ones?

    The Goritsi are quite close to my Confrontation Wulfen…so they where set…and the Celestials and the Dragon for the Shael Han look great. But to be honest…for a short moment I thought about getting them all…and then came back to my senses…well…kind know what I mean! ๐Ÿ™‚

    Universal Head

    I would have bought some of the new figures; I only have ones from the initial Kickstarter campaign.

    I can understand the temptation, theyโ€™re some of the most characterful miniatures around. I wish CMON had supported and promoted the game better. And to be honest, I wish the game system was a little better too; it has its flaws in my opinion.


    So…looks like CMON is shifting distribution to Asmodee…and they do not want to carry DA and WoK. So it looks like they are dead for now. Hope that some other company will pick up those great IPยดs

    Universal Head

    Sad, but not unexpected. Oh well, I have a huge pile of unpainted WoK here, so I never really should need any more of it.

    roy batty

    Hi everyone,

    Miniature Market have some big discounts on Wrath of Kings at the moment.

    Just picked up the Battle of Ravenwood (Marion..?) and the Goritsi and Nasier Starter sets for $49 all in including shipping!

    Because I need another game to paint and play…




    Great game…sad that Cmon is treating its followers so badly regarding information about it ๐Ÿ™

    Universal Head

    Thanks Roy. Time … to … buy … ๐Ÿ˜‰


    What are you going for UH?

    Universal Head

    Two months ago I got Teknes Union Bombardiers, Teknes Character Box #3, Teknes Hateforged Titan, Nasier Arkazan Greatwing, and Nasier Character Box #3.

    This time I got Hadross Shell Crackers, Hadross Pit Fighters, Nasier Pelegarth Brutes, and Goritsi Character Box #3.

    roy batty

    Miniature Market are at it again, several lines added to clearance.

    I donโ€™t work for them. Honest.

    Picked up some more Goritsi.

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