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    Goritsi – assembled.
    One of the male Skorza Skirmishers had a leg fit problem with a large gap at the top of the thigh and a female Skirmisher had a big gash across the buttock (I don’t this this was intentional)

    Bases – thinking of green wood-chippy flock with kitty litter rocks.

    Hardross – assembled. Overall easier to assemble than the Goritisi. Even the Calith Reaver crab thing.
    A Servidian Gutter was missing his knife and hand (his individual bag wasn’t sealed-I think this will be a green stuff & spare sword job).
    Ephramaki the Deepcaller Lord + Ilva Syren of Kaldeth Strait in the KS bonus pack indicate they have 30mm bases but 40mm were packed. I’m inclined to use those as these two figure are even taller than Gar, the Gladiator from that box who is on a 40mm base

    Bases – thinking of a thin layer of fine sand/soil painted white or light yellow with layers of clear drying PVC glue up to the base rim to look like water or maybe some water effects product so they look like the are standing in ankle deep water.

    Starting on the Shael Han.

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    Hi razide. I’m busy on the Nasier figures, and I’m going to have some article up about Wrath of Kings soon. I’m filling the bases with with gap filler, and for some figures adding bits of bark as large rocks for the figure to stand on.

    I’ve found that in most cases the bits fit together really well without any adjustment; in fact I’m pretty impresed with the figures all round and they’re certainly vastly superior to the Sedition Wars and Deadzone figures, for example.

    Unfortunately my Goritsi starter set was missing (replaced by an extra add-ons box) and a few bases are wrong, but I’m hoping all that will be fixed up once they’ve finished shipping. If these errors are common, CMON are going to be paying a lot in shipping to fix the errors.

    Just painted up my first figure – a Nasier swordsman with banner. I’ll post a pic soon.

    Love the water idea on the Hadross bases. Might buy some water effect stuff for that.

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    Here’s my first completed figure. Only 220 or so to go! 🙂

    Wrath of Kings - Nasier bannerman


    UH – yes I’ve also been very impressed with the figures so far. Most have gone together with no trouble at all and thank goodness they’ve used their commonsense with decent sizes attachment areas in most case not micro-points like some other games’ figures. The only downside so far is super glue fumes when dealing with so many figures.

    Geez talk about speed painting. Your Nasier Swordsman with banner is a beauty; he/she should look fabulous on the table with a mass of buddies.

    Your style of raised basing should also may it easier to deal with the arrogant wide-stanced posers where you can stand them on a big overhanging rock. Certainly a lot less trouble than hacking away at the rim to allow toes and claws to stay level with the inside of the base.

    I’m still a little confused with what are the correct base sizes for some figures.
    Ephramaki the Deepcaller Lord came with 40mm although the card says 30mm and the official site has photos of the painted figure on 40mm

    Then the ShaelHan BigSister came with 30mm bases in both the starter and the KSaddons while the card says 40mm.

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    Well, not exactly speed painting, that one guy took a couple of hours. I thought I’d paint up one figure just to get me inspired. That gold trim is a bit of a pain and I’m not looking forward to painting it on another 17 swordsman figures!

    The other thing I’ve done is entomb two 6mmx1.5mm rare earth magnets within the putty of this base, so I can store these in a metal toolbox. I’ve got some 10mmx2mm ones ordered and on the way that I’m going to use from now on (though hopefully that won’t be too much ‘pull’; we’ll see).

    Most of my bases probably won’t be raised like this, rank and file will be just putty with ground clay kitty litter for texture. Definitely a handy technique if the stance is too wide, and makes special characters more noticeable on the tabletop too. It’s very easy, just grab some bits of bark and rip them to size with some small pliers.

    Frustrating that some base sizes aren’t consistent; I assumed the cards were correct and thought I had a few wrong bases supplied. Hopefully they’ll release some kind of FAQ before too long.


    Did you use gold paint or paint in a Non-metallic metal style ? Which ever way it is very effective.

    The video on the WOK site shows BigSister on smaller 30mm bases than the Wraiths on 40mm so the card would appear to be incorrect.

    Also the alternative painter BigSister looks to be on a 30mm too.

    I was expecting to see a FAQ & Errata PDF by now.
    Perhaps they are waiting on the KS backers to check all the printing errors missed in the reprint.

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    Yeah, I’ve never bothered with the non-metallic look. I don’t mind metallic paint and painted metallics seem like too much work!

    Thanks for the Big Sister tip. I think they’re still busy sending out product; lots of people still haven’t got their stuff.

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    Finished a Bloodmask tonight. Two down, booyah! (Note to self: may have to up this average).

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    Here’s the bloodmask. These are pretty easy and quick to paint.

    Wrath of Kings - Nasier Bloodmask


    The black eyeliner is a nice touch.

    I wonder how long before some-one gives those masks a set of bunny ears (Donny Darko style of course).

    Looks good with the level raise up to the rim of the base. I should really to a test to see if mine will look silly with the level below the base rim.

    Thanks for the inspiration I’d better get moving with the rest of the factions instead of looking at them and imagining how good they’d look assembled and painted.


    She needs to tone that rear a bit, eh? 😉

    Nice painting. Racey figure.

    Universal Head

    Good to see more generous female proportions for a change though isn’t it? And there’s even quite a bit of background story to justify the nudity in this case.

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