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    Universal Head

    I just discovered on Shut Up & Sit Down that the new FFG game X-Com has no printed manual, but instead relies completely on the app to teach you the game, then provide index-driven rules. I guess that means no summary from me…

    I must admit this brings back memories of the days when software publishers stopped providing print manuals with their programs. I think it’s a shame, and more of a cost-cutting measure than a good thing for gamers. Such a trend might even lead to bean counters deciding that printed manuals are unnecessary and just providing links to online PDFs.

    Of course I’ll reserve final judgement until I see and play the game…


    I was surprised to see that as well, but I think the way the game is played and presented will lend itself well to a “learn as you go” approach within the app.

    Since the game is so heavily based around the app, I think it’s a pretty cool decision to also use it as a teaching aide. I’m not too worried about others following suite, unless they also base their games around a similar app.

    That said, however, I bet you could still provide an excellent printed alternative to the index that would be very useful.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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