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    Universal Head

    So fellow members, we’re all probably running about in the lead up to Xmas and don’t have much time to stop and chat. But I find this time of year it’s important to buy a present for oneself, just as a little way of saying ‘thanks for being you’. This year, that tradition seems to have coincided with the imminent arrival (fingers crossed) of some Kickstarters I backed a bit over a year ago. So here are some the goodies on their way to the EOG headquarters, probably in January:

    Dungeon Command
    I bought three sets of this now-defunct miniatures combat game: Sting of Lolth, Heart of Cormyr, and Curse of Undeath, on the recommendation of reviewer Michael Barnes, whose opinion I respect.

    Been meaning to get this for a while: the expansion pack of cards and tiles that allows you to use the monsters from Cyclades and Kemet in both games.

    Dust Tactics
    After a recent enjoyable battle report of Dust Tactics Battlefield, I took advantage of the Fantasy Flight sale and boosted my forces somewhat. Last time I mostly got vehicles, but this time I got a bunch of squads, since they were going for only US$4 a pop.

    As for Kickstarters, I’m hoping these three will finally be making it here in the new year: Shadows of Brimstone (Flying Frog Games), Wrath of Kings (CMON), and Journey: Wrath of Demons (Marrow). That’s something in the region of 450 miniatures all up – enough painting to fill most of 2015 probably!

    So folks, what have you managed to cleverly insert onto the Xmas buying list for yourself?

    Universal Head

    Well, mere hours after writing the above I have learned at least one Kickstarter is on the way – just got shipping notification for the Shadows of Brimstone package. Huzzah!


    I actually have bought way more than I should have….but I am able to ship the games to my workplace and “sneak” them into my house in the wee hours of the morning so no one is the wiser! 🙂

    1) I bought Space Hulk 4th Edition – because it is considered a “Grail” game by most with great production values. Also, it has a very limited release, so it was now or never!!

    2) I bought a ton of Confrontation Ragnarok minis (Wolfen, Scorpions, Griffons) during MM’s Black Friday sale. I hope to get this to the table to play – but I figured at the worst case I can use alot of these great looking mini’s for proxies in other games. UH – I hope you release more video batreps/tutorials on this great underappreciated game – as there is next to nothing on the internet for it (aside from your stuff of course)!!!

    3) I backed the Age of Conan Expansion on Kickstarter and I bought the Age of Conan base game from MM for $40!!

    4) I bought The Battle of Five Armies …..and I anxiously await your Batrep on this UH!!

    5) I bought Battlelore 2E…after selling my Battlore 1E collection about a tear ago. I hope that Fantasy Flight treats this game right.

    6) I bought Gears of War “slightly damaged box” from Fantasy Flight for $35 with shipping. I heard alot of good things about this one…and I could not pass up this deal, as the minis for it look fantastic!

    At this point, the only stuff I am still looking to get in the immediate future is

    – Possibly more Confrontation figures that i dont already have. Even at the tremendous price discounts that MM has – this stuff still adds up to some serious $$ if you dive in. No wonder why the game died – as I cant see too many people paying $30 for a box of 6 or 8 minis (when you would need to buy quite a few boxes to have decent armies!!)

    – I also want to get Claustrophobia (heard GREAT things about this game) and maybe the two expansions for it.

    I also wish I could get the XMas present of being able to find more people with similar game interests as me – because it is not that easy to do that. So many people these days play either MAGIC, Warhammer 40K, or whatever the NEW flavor of the month game is.

    For instance – I know it is going to be very hard for me to convince somebody to play Confrontation a) because it is “dead” and b) so many people are stuck in their habit of playing 40K because of their $$ investment and the unwillingness to try something “different”

    Well, I guess that all I have for now.


    I as well am awaiting the arrival of some kickstarter games, but the only miniature game coming this year is Shadows of Brimstone. Two others (King Down and Demigods Rising) should be coming next year (spring and summer). All others are non-miniature games.

    Ah, what am i saying? Shadows of Brimstone actually arrived today! And dear god these boxes are massive. Truly these are the biggest boardgame boxes i’ve seen so far. Great to hear yours are on their way!

    Apart from kickstarter (since i backed all of these early this year or even earlier) i will get myself Terra Mystica and finally enjoy what is praised to be a very fine strategy game (and a heavy box, now i think that it wont beat SoB though…)


    Ho hoooh! How selfish, how very…oh it’s tradition now? Phew! No longer disguising it. This year I’ve been most thoughtful towards myself. With so many considerate gift ideas, it’s almost as if I’m reading my mind.

    Space Hulk 4th Edition
    Christmas did indeed arrive early this year, on All Hallows’ Eve strangely. As if guided by a shining star, my friend (who was looking for a costume prop) and I wandered into an unassuming toy/model/bicycle/nursery? shop. Scanning the shelves, my friend stops in his tracks with a blurt and points his finger. Alongside a good selection of GW kits were several copies of ‘Space Bulk’, as dubbed by the staff due to the box’s heft. As I was rewarding myself for getting paid, I was told the shop was asked to send all the copies back to the warehouse so they could then be offered online (where they had sold out everywhere). Fortunately for me the shop held on to them. A sign of good tidings no doubt.

    Sheriff of Nottingham
    Though pre-ordered back in summer, it finally arrived for the Yuletide, thus making me a merry-man. Why buy, rent and sell after Xmas dinner like a tycoon, when you could ‘bluff, bribe and smuggle’ like an outlaw! A well-fed outlaw.

    Il Sesto Senso aka Mysterium
    This just happened to fall in my lap…top in the form of a newsletter informing of availability from mid-December. I begged and pleaded to myself for the longest minute before relenting. I’m rather persuasive, yet too soft. Cited as a fully co-operative ‘Dixit meets Clue/Cluedo‘, the game appears poised to be the most popular of the three. But that’s just a stab in the dark. ‘Santa Clause in the toy factory with the candy-stick’.

    Fabled Lands Solo RPG Book series. Books 1-6.
    Since starting night shifts end of last month, suffice to say not much socialized gaming has taken place. But, I need my escapism and fortunately I had rediscovered game-books for adventure role-playing for one. The series stands out from the medium in that it successfully provides a ‘sand-box’ style of exploration within it’s fantasy world; allowing you to (optionally) venture to different regions in separate books. Codewords cleverly keep any related quests and discovery’s linear, whilst still being open-ended and free for the player to do as they wish for as long as your character is alive. Haven’t come across Santa’s grotto though. Anything to help me slay a were-boar would be most appreciated.

    Those are my purchases, but I’m still writing my letter to Santa. Something you could call… a wishlist…more on that later.

    Seasons greetings to UH and fellow EOG members!


    Wow! How did I not know about Shadows of Brimstone until now?! It looks amazing!

    Ghost Stories
    I got it for $23! The nice thing about having an Amazon Prime account (other than the free 2 day shipping and free streaming on select movies/tv/music) is that you get access to flash sales 30 minutes before everyone else. My whole family uses my account. …I feel like an Amazon advertisement … Anyways! I saw this one last week and grabbed it. Someone in my gaming group told me this was one of the most difficult games he had ever played. I’m up for the challenge!

    The new project from 8th Summit games. I went ahead and got this because I had such a blast with their previous titles: Run Fight or Die! and Till Dawn -AND there is a lot of red and green in the artwork. It put me in the holiday mood! Can’t say I’ve played a Witchcraft themed game before.

    Dead of Winter
    I am overflowing with anticipation for this! Much to my dismay (like Shadows of Brimstone), I missed the Kickstarter period for this gem, and was forced to wait until winter. I put out an order from the Faulty Ferret in September. Here’s fingers crossed that more copies will arrive come January.

    Star Wars Imperial Assault
    “The much anticipated Imperial Assault will be in-stock on Wednesday December 17th. This highly anticipated Star Wars universe minis game will be here just in time for Christmas delivery!” We can only hope.


    I know this is supposed to be about games that I got for myself, but here are SOME of my purchases that were for friends/family.

    Star Trek Catan for my Trekkie Uncle which I found on Amazon for $39.62

    Steve Jackson’s Knightmare Chess (third ed.) for my chess loving brother and cousin. During Black Friday I bought 2 copies of this at my local game store, and the second one was half off. Adds a whole new element of unpredictability to the static game of standard Chess by giving players cards that they can play before, after, or sometimes instead of their turns. Some cards affect only a single move, while others change the entire game. Multiple variants are included in the rules.The 2014 edition of Knightmare Chess includes the cards from both Knightmare Chess and Knightmare Chess 2 — 158 cards in all.

    Munchkin for my Aunt who has the largest collection of Vinyl Figures I have ever seen. But she doesn’t have Funko’s Munchkin Vinyl Figure: Spyke! Which comes with an exclusive promo card. And the game’s not too shabby either.

    Universal Head

    Always good to get a copy of Space Hulk, but I wouldn’t worry about ‘limited releases’ from GW – the last time they re-released the game it was going to be ‘now or never’ too!

    They’ll probably be another Confrontation batrep down the line, and I have a small revamp of my cards coming soon too, so don’t print them all out just yet.

    I’ve filmed a The Battle of Five Armies batrep but not sure yet whether I’ll publish it as we made some pretty bad rules errors and I think it gives a bit of a misleading idea of the game. There’s a Battlelore 2E batrep coming very soon though!

    Claustrophobia is definitely worth getting.

    Really looking forward to Shadows of Brimstone. It amazes me how no one at that company did some shipping calculations before they ran their Kickstarter campaign. I doubt they’re making much of a profit on sending those boxes, and the second wave, to NZ for $25. Bizarrely bad planning.

    Of Miniatures and Meeples
    That Mysterium one looks interesting, I hadn’t heard about that.

    Dave Morris, one of the Fabled Lands authors, is someone I’ve had some contact with via Tékumel. He has a great blog here.

    Ghost Stories is too hard for me – it drives me nuts. I can see how it would appeal to a lot of people but I find it too frustrating.

    Coven one looks interesting, though I think I’m all maxxed out on Kickstarters now. Imperial Assault might be my ‘January present’!


    I couldn’t resist the lure of this any longer and picked up an Ebay offer:

    Not sure I’ll ever get it on the table, but it sure belongs in my collection.

    Universal Head

    Ahh, that’s been on the Must Buy list for a long, long time. But I’m always afraid as soon as I buy it that FFG will release a 4th edition!


    UH – Thanks alot for the info. on you doing an upcoming revision on your Confrontation cards (saves me on some ink!!).
    Since you are doing a revision – I wanted to make you aware of what I think is a slight misspell on the (2) Scorpions Biopsists cards. I believe you have them as Biopists. Certainly not a big deal at all – but I figured i’d let you know if you were doing revisions anyway.

    Also – please let us know what your thoughts are of the Dungeon Command games if you get to play them.
    I actually picked up Heart of Cormyr on deep discount awhile ago – but it is the the only faction I have, which is not really enough to play.



    Universal Head

    No worries John – let me know if you pick up any other errors. I’ve done a bit of fixing too, as the rules have some weirdness and errors in them – eg calling Spells and Litanies different things depending on the faction, which gets very confusing; I’ve standardised that.

    Dungeon Command will be covered!


    The following games arrived recently from the North Pole.

    Both Shadows of Brimstone games
    The theme on this one looks fun although I’m not a big fan of roll-and-move mechanic that FFP seems to love.

    Imperial Assault
    Star Wars using Descent system? Take my money!

    Golemn Arcana
    The theme of knights riding big golemns doesn’t really interest me (fantasy version of Battletech?), but the integration of technology into a board game is interesting. This is a curiosity buy but got it at a great Black Friday price.

    Xia: Legend of a Drift System
    A sandbox space game in the spirit of the old PC games Elite 2 and Privateer. I had not heard of this until recently. After watching several youtube reviews, I picked this up on Amazon. Component quality alone looks excellent.

    However, they’re just sitting on my desk as I try to make some good progress on my Deadzone project. So many little bits…

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