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    So I have been struggling with what to do for Imperial Assault.

    First of all, I have premium sleeved my cards, and second I am hoping to continue to expand this with the minis. I am not even playing this much, but this for me at the moment is like reliving my childhood in the late 70s when I had all the figurines.

    The base IA box doesn’t feel quite right. First of all back then I had the Darth Vader Helmet Action Figure Case, and I want to try to get something special for IA as well. Part of me is thinking of getting a Pelican 1650 Hard Case (or something similar) and then making smaller foam core insets that will sit into the Pick’n’Pluck foam for the minis, cards, tiles, component storage, etc.

    Then to really pimp it out, either getting an artist to spray paint it, or just getting some Star Wars Decals to put on it to make it look good.

    Has anyone tried stuff like this before, and am I going way overboard? I have not painted minis to this level before, and I want to do the best I can to protect them, and I want to be able to carry the game with all the stuff that will be coming in a single case and I figured this would allow for a LOT of expansion room.

    I have had such great advice here, I thought I would ask.

    Universal Head

    Go for it Bremic, we look forward to seeing your results! Personally I don’t go to too much trouble for storing boardgame miniatures – the plastic is usually pretty bendy and once they’re painted and varnished they’re pretty robust and can be thrown into a foamcore box insert without damage. But I would never discourage someone from pimping out a game (urgh, I wish we could all come up with a better term for that, I hate the phrase ‘pimping out’).


    Bremic – this is no Darth Vader helmet but I think it may have a bit of potential for you, and is similar to the idea of foam trays you mention. It does remind me of the vinyl cases with figure trays I had for my Star Wars and G.I. Joe figures growing up. Whichever way you go, have fun and enjoy it!

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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