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    This certainly is going to be a passion project. The fact you’re incorporating models of the buildings and even swapping out the tokens…it’s going to become the epitome of game ‘pimpage’.

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    Alex: Yup! You’re a looney! 😀

    UH: You hit the nail on the head. FFG’s ‘action-oriented approach’ is exactly how I picture it.

    I guess there’s only one other question. Which is, as much as we would love to see these games envisioned for film, would we, if needs be, be willing to put our own money (and faith) towards such a project? Crowd funding style. Actually, that’s a stupid question, because it really would depend…

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    @Alex: Certainly what I considered. There was Ultramarines: A Warhammer 40,000 Movie in 2010. It was CGI with a good voice cast but apparently not quite up to scratch so I haven’t seen it. Of all settings for live-action, this would probably end up as one the most expensive projects ever! I guess it would depend on what story arc to portray, because hell are you going to cover all the lore in one movie! TV series? I’m sure millions would watch it, but again the cost. You never know, could this happen in the next 20 years?

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    Welcome! Don’t make your copy too enviable. We will find you…

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    Ho hoooh! How selfish, how very…oh it’s tradition now? Phew! No longer disguising it. This year I’ve been most thoughtful towards myself. With so many considerate gift ideas, it’s almost as if I’m reading my mind.

    Space Hulk 4th Edition
    Christmas did indeed arrive early this year, on All Hallows’ Eve strangely. As if guided by a shining star, my friend (who was looking for a costume prop) and I wandered into an unassuming toy/model/bicycle/nursery? shop. Scanning the shelves, my friend stops in his tracks with a blurt and points his finger. Alongside a good selection of GW kits were several copies of ‘Space Bulk’, as dubbed by the staff due to the box’s heft. As I was rewarding myself for getting paid, I was told the shop was asked to send all the copies back to the warehouse so they could then be offered online (where they had sold out everywhere). Fortunately for me the shop held on to them. A sign of good tidings no doubt.

    Sheriff of Nottingham
    Though pre-ordered back in summer, it finally arrived for the Yuletide, thus making me a merry-man. Why buy, rent and sell after Xmas dinner like a tycoon, when you could ‘bluff, bribe and smuggle’ like an outlaw! A well-fed outlaw.

    Il Sesto Senso aka Mysterium
    This just happened to fall in my lap…top in the form of a newsletter informing of availability from mid-December. I begged and pleaded to myself for the longest minute before relenting. I’m rather persuasive, yet too soft. Cited as a fully co-operative ‘Dixit meets Clue/Cluedo‘, the game appears poised to be the most popular of the three. But that’s just a stab in the dark. ‘Santa Clause in the toy factory with the candy-stick’.

    Fabled Lands Solo RPG Book series. Books 1-6.
    Since starting night shifts end of last month, suffice to say not much socialized gaming has taken place. But, I need my escapism and fortunately I had rediscovered game-books for adventure role-playing for one. The series stands out from the medium in that it successfully provides a ‘sand-box’ style of exploration within it’s fantasy world; allowing you to (optionally) venture to different regions in separate books. Codewords cleverly keep any related quests and discovery’s linear, whilst still being open-ended and free for the player to do as they wish for as long as your character is alive. Haven’t come across Santa’s grotto though. Anything to help me slay a were-boar would be most appreciated.

    Those are my purchases, but I’m still writing my letter to Santa. Something you could call… a wishlist…more on that later.

    Seasons greetings to UH and fellow EOG members!

    Just what I wanted to hear…or read, whatever! Many thanks UH!

    I just want to make the best start. As I heard in a Laurel and Hardy film, ‘A job well begun, is a job half done!’. I could have trawlled the internet for info, but I thought, ‘where better than on the EOG’. I knew there were things I’d want to consider (eg. bone colour) and despite my saying I want to work quickly, I know my standards will slow this down. I probably should’ve titled the post ‘minimum for realistic painting’ as I want my WotR units to look ready for ‘The Battle of Evermore’, rather than the ‘Battle of Epping Forest’!!

    Hopefully this post will be of use to other budding painters in house.

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    Good to have you counted Ozmo!

    Glad to see more praise for BoFA. My copy arrived the other day and UH already has a summary available. This is indeed a healthy environment!

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    A nice topic Grand Master. I admit I have not played Destiny, but have flirted with Halo and others of such ilk. You would think the most expensive video game production would have had a team dedicated to providing a narrative as expansive as the setting and impressive as the graphic design.
    I sell the game at work and have overheard friends address their unfulfilling experiences. The ‘MMO’ aspect, however, as you hinted at, seems to have intoduced diserable elements for gameplay. Such as the auto-interaction only with players of similar skill; unless manually selected.

    I guess overall, Destiny doesn’t harm current video game expectations, aside from itself. Otherwise people are still finding storytelling solace in recent(ish) hits such as Last of Us. Or you could play new games using IP’s that already have great stories that everyone (that I associate with) loves! Such as, Alien Isolation and Shadow of Mordor.

    Concerning yourself UH, though a less than hoped for venture on your part, I am glad to know that despite your busy EOG content schedule and time consuming tabletop practices, you also make time for video games.
    This makes you what I like to call the ‘Complete Gamer‘. Which means you love gaming in all it’s forms. Whether Pen and Paper Role Play, Board and Card, Miniature, video and… Live Action Role Play!? Does that count? What about Mind games; Meta gaming? Hmmm… maybe I’m incomplete. Simple fact is they all offer different experiences virtually impossible to dublicate with oneanother and that’s cool.

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