$2.00 / month



Don’t let the other levels of the Esoteric Order say you’re ‘just’ an Adept! In fact, Adepts are the foundation of the Esoteric Order of Gamers. Who else would set up and pack up the games, clear away the nibbles and clean the beer glasses, retrieve those wayward dice that go rolling off under the sofa, and sweep the floors after a particularly gruelling game session? And what would we do without them? So while the Adept isn’t the most glamorous of positions here at the EOG, they are appreciated, and just between you and me, the place would be a mess without a few of them constantly hanging about in the shadows. Here’s to the Adepts and their unswerving dedication. Hip, hip hurrah! Now get back to work, there’s a good fellow.

For just US$2 a month, you can enter the EOG as one of these essential servitors. Don’t think you’re not appreciated, you’re an essential rank of the Order!


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