The EOG Coffee Mug


Finally. The classic Esoteric Order of Gamers coffee mug.



Tabletop games and beverages go together like … well, tabletop games and corn chips. And while beer or soda are the usual go-to drinks, a caffeinated beverage now and again can revive the flagging brain cells when your gaming opponent has you on the ropes. Take the opportunity to pyschologically disarm them when they suddenly realise you are a member of The Esoteric Order of Gamers! They’ll be so rattled at your obvious superiority that you’ll instantly recognise the defeat in their eyes over the rim of your mug as you take a restorative swig.

As we’re not in any way handedness-biased here at the EOG, there’s a logo on either side of the mug. Oh, and a few styles to choose from – I rather like the two-tone one.