Build your the temples more and more beautiful until they seem to touch the sky.

A surprisingly vicious, ‘take that!’ card game that reveals a lot of interesting strategies if you play it enough. Lots of room for gazumping your opponent with well-timed card combinations. A 2-player favourite of mine.

This rules and reference uses the graphics from the original edition (which I own), but includes the corrected rule for Sumerians, and the new starting hand rule and some terminology from the second edition.

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Update Log

Date Version Changelog
Aug 2023 2.4 Changed starting hand rules to match the second edition, clarified starting temple card use, clarified scoring, changed some terminology.
Jun 2023 2.3 Slight clarification to temple building, gender-free language
Aug 2010 2.2 Sumerians error fixed
Jan 2009 2.1 Rework
? 1 Original release

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