Buffy the Vampire Slayer: The Game

Now it’s up to you to help Buffy and her friends stop the spread of Evil in Sunnydale!

Well, OK, you probably have to be a fan. But this Buffy-branded board game is a surprisingly good, well-made game and the perfect way to introduce non-gaming (Buffy-fan) friends to the world of boardgames.

The reference cards are small reminder cards especially useful for those non-gaming friends just mentioned. My friends in that category loved the game.

Update Log

Date Version Changelog
Apr 2013 1.2 background lightened, various typos fixed
Dec 2008 1.1 Update
Dec 2008 1 Original release


  • Chris says:

    Under Setup, there is a spelling error in the instructions for 2 players: “on” should be “one”.

    Under Fighting, in the “Fangs” paragraph, last sentence, “Characters” should not be capitalized.

    Inconsistent use of capitalization for “Vampire” in “Siring” and “Sunrise space”.

    Thanks for the reference sheets!

  • Universal Head says:

    Thanks for picking up those errors, Buffy has been updated (hmm, I wonder if they’ll ever try a Buffy reboot. I hope not!)

  • Rather than a reboot, Joss Whedon has been busy with Dark Horse comics producing an ongoing series that extends the story past the end of the TV show. Not without an occasional misstep, the series is continuing rather well on the whole, and scratches the itch of wanting to see more of the Scooby gang in action.

    • Thanks for that update Bruce. I bought the first 6 or so of the comic series a while back and then lost interest, but then I’m not much of a comic reader. I suppose some idiot TV exec will attempt to reboot the franchise one day, though the idea fills me with horror (and not the good kind!)

  • I hear ya. Most of my ultra-cringe moments these days come from an announcement of a movie or TV series being re-made. Some haven’t been the disappointment I would have expected, but they are few and very far between, with a lot of unnecessary dross to wade through in the meantime.
    Funny thing I didn’t mention in my last post is that the Buffy series is actually a reboot of a movie with Donald Sutherland, Rutger Hauer, Kristy Swanson and Paul Reubens. I quite enjoyed the movie (Paul Reubens’ staking is priceless!) but the series definitely streamlined the concept and ironed out a few speed bumps.

  • Joel says:

    New Buffy Game

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