Galactic Emperor

The last Galactic Emperor has met with a sudden and quite fatal accident.

Often called ‘Twilight Imperium-lite’, this first game from small publisher Crosscut Games (their second game was Ninjato, published by Z-Man, for which I did the graphic design), is an excellent mix of space empire building and Puerto Rico-style role selection. The game features has seven roles to choose from each round: Explorer, Steward, Merchant, Engineer, Warlord, Regent, and Scientist. As in Puerto Rico, the player who chooses a role gets a special benefit, while all players can take the action associated with the role; and the roles range from goods production and accessing technology to political influence and combat.

An excellent choice if you have limited time in which to conquer the galaxy.

Update Log

Date Version Changelog
Mar 2012 1.1 Errors fixed
Feb 2012/td>

1 Original release

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