Your people stand ready. History beckons.

Osprey were kind enough to send me copies of Imperium: Classics and Imperium: Legends, their new civilisation-building card game, and I’ve been enjoying it ever since – both in person and on Tabletop Simulator. It’s also the subject of my first ever ‘An Esoteric Review’ video, in which I bring to an end the long and storied history of the ‘The Joy of Unboxing’ series and go into much more detail about the game. Not only does this new format include a good look at the components, but it also shows you the foamcore insert I built for the game and the card sleeves I used. Then I go on to give you a good overview of the gameplay, finally followed by my personal opinion of the game.

Imperium is a very enjoyable and interesting card game with a huge amount of variety. It does have a few issues with game length and — this may just be me – a tedious victory point counting anticlimax, but that’s more than made up for by the sixteen civilisations (if you get both sets), all of which have very different play styles, and the constant stream of interesting choices throughout most of the game’s length.

Check out the video for more detail! Then download this rules summary and reference sheet so you can always have the game’s detailed keyword information on hand.

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Aug 2021 1 Original release

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