Man O’ War

The classic game of naval warfare in the Warhammer world.

One of the best, perhaps even the best, games that Games Workshop ever made, Man O’War is a game of spectacularly entertaining and visually stunning ship to ship battles on the high seas. Out of print now and pretty pricey, but well worth the investment.

With the invaluable help of Scott Di Bartolo, I recreated the entire set of ship templates at a small, easy to use card size which you can print out, put in card protectors and mark with non-permanent pens. Much easier than the unwieldy original templates and counters. Some old rules contradictions have been resolved as well.

Update Log

Date Version Changelog
Jul 2021 2 Rules summary: added critical damage table and captain’s chart
Oct 2016 3.7 Ship cards: Undead Floating Necropolis fixed
Feb 2016 3.6 Ship cards: Dark Elf Doom Reaver and Death Fortress title fixes
Jan 2016 3.5 Ship cards: Elf Warship and Bretonnian Pegasus fixes
Sep 2015 3.4 Ship cards: Dwarf War Balloon and Gyrocopter clarifications
Mar 2015 3.3 Ship cards: Orc Hulk clarifications
Oct 2014 3.2 Ship cards: Orc Drillakilla clarification
Sep 2014 3.1 Ship cards: fort errors fixed
Sep 2013 3 Ship cards: extra forts added, some pages padded with extra ship cards
Sep 2013 2.5 Ship cards: Orc Hulk error fixed
Mar 2009 2 Ship cards in a better format and consolidated with flyers, a few errors fixed, and monsters and undead added
2005 1 Ship cards original release
Sep 2007 1 Rules summary original release


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