Zombie plague rages out of control!

I recently vowed I wouldn’t look at another zombie-themed game … but who was I kidding? Zpocalypse brings something new and fresh to the shambling undead (if ‘fresh’ is the right word) by finally devoting a good chunk of the game to the ‘survival’ half of the phrase ‘survival horror’. Each round takes players through one miserable day and night in this post-apocalyptic future dominated by deaders—from scavenging among the ruins, feeding your team of survivors, fortifying the area around your bunker, and finally, a night of desperate fighting against hordes of undead. And yes—each night it gets harder and harder to survive…

Thankfully it’s all leavened with a dry sense of humour and lots of popular culture references. And you’ll definitely need a sense of humour as you see your hastily built walls collapse and your band of survivors overrun and turned into zombies!

Update Log

Date Version Changelog
Feb 2014 1 Original release

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