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Wrath of Kings v1

By February 2, 2015February 6th, 2015Boardgames, Sheet Updates
Wrath of Kings

Death was a friend, and sleep was Death’s brother.

Wrath of Kings is on its way, and here’s a rules summary and reference while you’re waiting.

Way back in August 2013 I made my contribution (Ancient King level: all 5 factions plus large monsters) to the Wrath of Kings miniatures game Kickstarter campaign, and any moment now over 200 figures requiring assembling and painting should arrive in the mail and hit my hobby table. It’s a big project, and you could probably say I have enough games of this type. But as a big fan of Rackham’s Confrontation, I couldn’t resist another game so obviously inspired by it, and in fact employing some of that game’s original sculptors. In a time when so many miniatures are designed in the computer and can seriously lack character, these little fighting men and women and beasties are bursting with personality.

The rules, thankfully, seem pretty straightforward; in fact I managed to get all of the basic rules on one side of an A4 sheet. Of course there’s a plethora of special abilities and exceptions, described in very literal fashion in tiny type on the backs of graphically busy unit cards, but that’s par for the course for this kind of game. Whether the game will become a favourite or not is impossible to judge until you’ve actually got those painted miniatures on the table and the feel of the game comes through. Stay tuned here at the EOG because I’ll have lots more about Wrath of Kings as we find out in the months to come!


  • razide says:

    My Ancient King WOK box arrived this morning. The rules only take up pages 4-22 including the Glossary !!!
    The wolf Goritsi are the same size as the Confrontation Wolfen & Devourers. And quite well detailed – slightly better than the “plastic” Rackham ones. Now suffering superglue fumes from assembling just a box of Kickstarter starter set extra add-ons.
    PS there are four factions in the AK WOK. Looking forward to using your rules summary in the near future.

  • razide says:

    Correction – five factions in the Ancient King bundle.

    • Cheers. My gaming buddy Will has got his set in Australia; still waiting for mine in New Zealand. Want!

      Yes, I did think I could possibly use those Goritsi for Wolfen. Excellent.

  • Mark says:

    So is this Confrontation reborn? The world lost something beautiful with the liquidation of Rackham. If there was ever a gaming system that needed rebooting, this was it.

    • No, it isn’t. There have been rumours of a reboot of Confrontation by Cool Mini or Not for years, but it’s never happened. This shares a few very minor stylistic ideas (eg, the Goritsi werewolves are similar to the Wolfen), but that’s all.

  • One of the wolf Goritsi (sounds like an Italian bread stick) DukeAnton don Genoria The Headhunter (Rank2 character) who comes in the KS bonus addons is atleast the size of a Predator of Blood with ram or goat horns and giant spikes.

    The larger models have a reasonable heft to them although nowhere near as heavy or easily overbalanced as a metal figure of the same size. It will be fascinating to see your ideas for storage for WOK.

    I’m now sorry I didn’t order some of the other monsters like the Blood Engine & Oresund Cavalier along with some of the third sets of infantry. However I can imagine proxying some Dirz Abominations or Dasyatis Clones as Blood Engines.

    • I think the two games work together well stylistically, and if WoK is a good system I may tackle the project of working out a few stats to cross-pollinate the figures. As for storage, I imagine I’ll putting rare earth magnets under the bases and storing them in metal tool boxes as I do with Confrontation.

  • razide says:

    hmm signed in via twitter last time !

    You could certainly use some of the wolfy Goritsi for Confrontation CAoR proxies for adding variety to your Wolfen.

    I think the bases don’t have much clearance at all under them as they are designed to take deep inserts so the bottom is almost flat against the table surface.

  • razide says:

    That’ll be atleast 220 bases for the Ancient King level plus any extras that caught your fancy.

  • Wrath of Kings has arrived! A bit of a mixup with the Goritsi starter set (got an extra add-ons set instead), but hopefully CMON will sort that out when the dust settles. The figures look beautiful and I’m looking forward to the long process of construction and painting.

    I will have to come up with a different storage system though ….

  • razide says:

    It is good to hear you AK WoK has arrived but frustrating for you to miss a starter box.
    One side of my Hadross starter has “Goritsi Starter” printed on it but they were definitely Hadross !

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