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The Joy of Unboxing: Dark Moon

By December 14, 2015Boardgames, Videos

Don’t misconstrue this. I’m not displaying character. Just temporary insanity.

Take a trip back into classic 80s sci-fi as we unbox Dark Moon!

Enjoying my teens to early twenties in the 80s as I did, and being a big fan of such classics as The Thing, The Abyss and Alien, I was immediately attracted by the graphic design of Dark Moon by Stronghold Games. The game was originally a print-and-play dice-based version of Battlestar Galactica, but has gone on to lead a life of its own.

And it’s a very fun game. Though initially a bit confusing, it soon all falls into place, and can result in some of the most entertaining confrontations you can find in a boardgame. You’ll soon be accusing your opponents of being infected and desperately fending off their accusations, while constantly trying to save the crew from being exposed to cosmic radiation, death by failed life support system, or the catastrophic results of an entire station shutdown. Unless you’re infected of course, in which case all of these outcomes are exactly what you’re working towards!

There’s a rules summary on the way, but in the meantime let’s unbox Dark Moon together.


  • I’m sorry. Dark moon is a terrible game. I was excited to try something that started as BSG(battlestar galatica) express….and when I tried it almost every thing that happened I said “oh… Bsg did this better”. This game is a perfect example of how “streamlining”is not always a good thing.

    • Wow, I’ve played two games (5 and 7 players) and both of them were fantastic fun. Wrong group of people maybe? Doesn’t work with a certain number of players? I’ve only played BSG once and would like to play it more, but it seemed to go on too long.

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