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Action Points #019: Aeon Trespass Odyssey, Oathsworn, Destinies, Joan of Arc

By September 30, 2019Action Points, Videos

I think it’s safe to assume it isn’t a zombie.

Action Points is here for September, and it’s packed with amazing games!

The Action Points episode for September is absolutely jam-packed with incredible games. As I mention in the video, it really is an unparallelled time for gamers these days; there is so much high quality stuff available that it’s getting very hard to choose. I aim to bring to your attention what I consider the very best stuff out there for people who like the same kinds of games I do. So crank up your imagination, grab yourself a cuppa or a drink, and settle back for another trip into the world of thematic gaming!

Patrons thanked:
Stewards: Murray Grelis, Frank Reynolds, Dreux Barbier, Salman Qaisar, Drake Coker.
Knights: Stephen Hill, Brett Hart.

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