Advanced Basing Tutorial

All your base are belong to us

This advanced sequel to the Basic Basing video about basing miniatures adds magnets and spakfilla to your arsenal of base-making tools!

Some time ago – wow, it was way back in July 2013 – I posted a video explaining some of the basic techniques I use for basing miniatures. A million cats cried out in annoyance and were suddenly silenced as I detailed my technique of grinding up clay kitty litter as a basing material. Well, for some time now I’ve wanted to detail some further techniques, and here’s the sequel! The Basing Strikes Back, as it were.

I’m using the strange bases from Wrath of Kings here, that were probably designed for use with sculpted basing inserts, but this technique is much cheaper and easier, and some of the ideas here can definitely be used with normal bases. Magnetising bases is an excellent way to store your miniatures, and bark is a classic rock substitute for when you want to give those special figures a bit more prescence on the tabletop. I hope you find these techniques useful!

By the way, if for some reason you feel the urge to ‘thumb down’ one of my videos, consider commenting about your issue first – I’d be really happy to discuss any problems you have with my work. I’m alway trying to improve, and all constructive criticism is entirely welcome and gives me the opportunity to make my videos better. Thankyou!


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