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Adventures in Lankhmar Episode 4: Stand Close to Me – No, Not That Close

Maybe this is where I let them die.

More audio roleplaying adventures in Dungeon Crawl Classics: Lankhmar!

DCC Lankhmar

Sunday afternoon is quickly becoming our favourite time of the week, as myself and my old friends Will, Andrew, and Chris enjoy a couple of hours online together playing Dungeon Crawl Classics: Lankhmar. Episode number four sees our heroes finally enter the long-undisturbed inner sanctum of the Temple of Djil and confront its mysteries. Or perhaps they have more to worry about from each other?

The players: Myself (Peter) as Game Master; Will (whom of course you know well from my battle reports) as scrawny thief Ivlis; Andrew as battleaxe-wielding warrior Far-feared; and Chris as blue-clad wizard Teebeedee.

Remember, spoilers! If you want to not know what happens in the introductory DCC: Lankhmar adventure The Masks of Lankhmar, don’t listen!

Let me know if you enjoy these audio-only adventures and if you’d like me to keep recording and editing them for you.

Warning: f-words and adult themes!

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