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Warhammer Age of Sigmar Month: Soul Wars Tutorial 2

The dark can embrace the light, but never eclipse it.

Age of Sigmar Month at the EOG continues, and it’s now time to pick up the brushes and get painting – starting with the 20-strong Chainrasp Horde unit!

Now we’ve got all that building and preparation done, we can finally move on to the main event – painting! Personally I like to finish off the larger units first and work my way towards the more interesting characters; it also gives me a sense of satisfaction to have the more boring jobs out of the way as quickly as possible. But first I have to establish a colour scheme for my nighthaunts, and paint up a test figure. Let’s have a good look at the process, shall we?

Look out for episode three, in which I’ll finish off the rest of the nighthaunts!


  • Kvamzi says:

    I love the look of your Nighthaunts, and they look even better, swarming together, in the battle report. I’m looking forward to painting some in the upcoming WH: Underworlds starter set following your color scheme and blending technique.

    But I’m wondering, did you buy the wet palette or did you just make one yourself? I made one for myself, but it can definitely be improved, yours seems nice. Wet palette Quick Tips in order?

    • Hi Kvamsi. My palette was made by Privateer Press, though I don’t think they sell it anymore. I’ve got a couple of spare pads of paper and then I’ll run out (I reuse the paper as much as I can by washing it). I believe someone ran a Kickstarter relatively recently for a fancy one. I’ve never made one for myself so unfortunately I don’t have any tips for doing so!

  • Kvamzi says:

    I just ordered the Painter bundle. It will be much better than my creation and they’ve received good reviews all over. And while I don’t paint so much I like to use good quality products, so I also think it’s worth it.

    • My life changed when I started using a wet palette. Not only is it great for keeping paint fresh, but it makes it easier to blend, as you can blend the colours on your palette and then choose exact shades from the progression of colours.

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