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Warhammer Age of Sigmar Month: Soul Wars Tutorial 4

Tell me about the loneliness of good, He-Man.

It’s time for the penultimate episode of this Age of Sigmar Month, in which I get started on the Stormcast Eternals! But first, a colour scheme …

The Stormcast Eternals seem a bit silly to me—the miniatures are too large and out of scale, the armour too over-the-top, the whole concept too Masters of the Universe. But they are the fresh new faction over at Games Workshop and make up the other half of this excellent starter set I’m painting, so it’s time to crack open a pot of gold paint and get to it. I must come up with my own colours however, because I can’t bear the ‘official’ red white and blue (and gold) scheme. And I certainly want to make them a bit more dirty and battleworn, a concept I was amused to see was explored (along with the idea that some of the Eternals may be going a bit nuts after too many reincarnations) in a recent White Dwarf magazine. Perhaps I’m not the only one unimpressed by the shiny do-gooder image!

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