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AVP: The Hunt Begins v1

AVP: The Hunt Begins


Jonesing for an AVP: The Hunt Begins 2nd Edition rules summary and reference? We should discuss the bonus situation.

Alien. Why aren’t there more Alien boardgames? This one took a long time to burst from its egg, and things didn’t go smoothly. Apparently 1st edition was a mess, the Kickstarter was horribly late, and the game never really got any traction, but it is fun despite the old school d20 action point rules. And the production is surprisingly nice, with the exception of the atrocious rulebook and the poor typography on the cards. It’s all forgiven when you see the beautifully detailed miniatures, which with their individually modelled bases really capture the feel of the Alien universe.

This was the starter set for a whole range of Alien, Predator and Marine miniatures, including the dropship, and an expansion (Hot Landing Zone), but eventually the plug was pulled by the licensor and it was game over man. But knowing aliens, they’ll be back again soon. Nuke the site from orbit. It’s the only way to be sure.

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