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Battle Report 2: Dust Tactics Battlefield: Part 2

By July 1, 2015July 26th, 2019Battle Reports, Miniatures Games, Videos

It’s like finding a needle in a stack of needles.

Bumbling joyfully to the conclusion of this Dust Tactics Battlefield! battle report!

Oh, dear, we certainly have managed to make some egregious errors playing what is a relatively simple tabletop miniatures wargame! Well, we were a bit tired that day, but still, there’s no excuse for stuffing up the basic concept that hits are assigned to individual figures. So at the start of the video where I joyfully wipe out Will’s entire command squad … well, I really should have only killed two figures.

Luckily for us, we’re non-competitive (mostly) and the play is the thing! Though I am looking forward to getting this game back on the table and playing it PROPERLY! Hope you enjoy the video anyway.

There’s some more clarifications about assigning damage and the ability Damage Resilience here in the forums.


  • razide says:

    Congratulations to Will on his win. Seems like most of the infantry were obliterated.
    Great fun to watch as it unfolded. Hope Battlefield Report 3 isn’t too far off. It will be interesting how much different it will be with more familiarity with the rules.

    Dust is one of those games where you need to use your assets as soon as you can before they are wiped out.

    I’m beginning to think there is something intrinsically spastic about those Dust Dice. Mine also seem to produce all or nothing results frequently too in my test games.

    • I assume our forces will hold out a lot longer when we assign damage properly. Two hits doing a total of 6 damage should only kill two miniatures, not an entire squad – which makes a big difference!

      I’m a bit embarrassed about that rules gaff, but then again, my videos are all about the enjoyment of the game, not a place you go to learn how to play it. Luckily … 🙂

  • The8thPagan says:

    Don’t think I ever got the rules right the first few times I played a game. But if the rules were wrong to both players disadvantage (or advantage) then it doesn’t really matter.

    Maybe there’s a website with rules summary sheets out there somewhere 🙂

  • brianparker says:

    The “not really a miniatures gamer” that is me is becoming scarily tempted by this game. The pre-primed minis look fantastic and with battlemats like that, just a couple of bits of terrain look great.

    • Unfortunately Miniature Market recently sold off all their stock, so I’m not sure who would be the best supplier of Dust stuff these days. But it’s available scattered all over the place – and you may find some people selling off armies after the recent Kickstarter dramas.

  • CK Lai says:

    Drop by the Dust Tactics Facebook page. There are a couple of retailers committed to supporting the game no matter what. Their contacts are available there.

    Also there’s a FB page for those who wand to sell/trade their Dust stuff, and prices seem reasonable.

    Finally, as UH said, there’s eBay although prices there generally tend to be higher than what I’ve discovered in the FB sale/trade pages.

  • Will says:

    We’ll be playing this again in a few weeks and, as it’s about our fifth game, THIS TIME we’re determined to get the rules right instead of relying on our usual “we’re new to this game so we’re just going to bungle our way through it” approach. Putting some more terrain on the board might help the poor sodding footsloggers too.

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