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Battle Report 2: Hell Dorado Part 1

By July 22, 2015July 26th, 2019Battle Reports, Miniatures Games, Videos

No, don’t mourn him. He was dead long before we ever touched him.

Another hell-raising two part battle report of a game of Hell Dorado.

Oh happy day! My old gaming buddy Will is about to touch down in New Zealand again, and we all know what that means, fellow members of the Esoteric Order of Gamers – more battle reports! Well, and beer. Lots of good beer. And nostalgia. And good single malts. And a game of golf. Hmm, quite a lot really…

In the meantime, here’s the first part of the final report from his last visit, filmed back in April. It’s a bit of a hoot I reckon, and while you certainly won’t see any play on my part that raises the bar of strategic and tactical decision-making in tabletop miniatures wargaming, you will see two old friends having a laugh as they push little metal men around a pretty gorgeous (if I do say so myself) tabletop. And as far as I’m concerned, that makes for a far more entertaining video battle report!

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