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Battle Report: Confrontation Part 1

By September 4, 2014July 26th, 2019Battle Reports, Miniatures Games, Videos

Call no man happy who is not dead!

It’s a mighty Confrontation when the armies of wolf and undead meet.

Not many of you will have heard of Confrontation: The Age of the Rag’Narok, but it’s a wonderful fantasy tabletop miniatures system boasting five characterful factions that, sadly, is with us no more. There was some talk of Cool Mini or Not resurrecting it, but since their new system Wrath of Kings shares a bit of its visual DNA, that’s becoming more and more doubtful.

Be that as it may, I have a huge collection of Confrontation miniatures, both old (the original metal miniatures) and new (the pre-painted plastic, excellent for troops). In this two-part battle report my old gaming companion Will takes the other side of the table as the shambling undead Ram army, while I direct the fast and violent Wolfen. Who will emerge victorious!?

If you do happen to play Confrontation: The Age of the Rag’Narok, be sure to check out its game page here at the EOG, where you’ll find a wealth of material, including redesigned reference cards for all the units.


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