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Battle Report: Dust Tactics Battlefield Part 1

By November 7, 2014July 26th, 2019Battle Reports, Miniatures Games, Videos

This entire mission is a serious misallocation of valuable military resources

Will and I transport you to an alt-WWII battlefield; a Dust Tactics Battlefield!

We’re all fortunate to be joined again by Will, my long-time gaming buddy and old friend, as the two of us battle it out over a spoiled wasteland of black felt with a couple of Dust Tactics armies. Will came over for a long weekend recently and we took the opportunity to film a few battle reports which will be featured on the EOG in the coming weeks.

Note that the way we set up this scenario is a bit shaky as I didn’t yet have the new Dust Tactics rulebook, so it would have been better if we’d had two objectives per side. Instead we bastardised a setup and had one per side, deeming them worth one victory point if you took the one on your side of the board, and two if you took the one on your opponent’s side. Oh well, it’s just an excuse for a bit of biffo anyway!

Come back soon to view the final part of this battle and the inevitable victory by … who?


  • WonderSlug says:

    Are those new t-shirts I see!? I bet if you tell me where to buy one I’ll spend some money. 😉

    Back to the video. Had to stop to post about the shirts. haha

  • WonderSlug says:

    Fun video. 🙂 Particularly the ending. Looking forward to part II.

    • I just had a few made locally for some friends, but as soon as I can find the time to research a good US/UK manufacturer and distributor I’ll make them available from the site!

  • Of Miniatures and Meeples says:

    The spirit in which these game sessions are played are what cemented my following of the EOG! Oh…and everything else.

    And honestly…a couple of weeks ago I was thinking of starting a topic on the possibility of EOG apparel! Glad you’re way ahead of me. Printed shirts are somewhat like flags and would make a strong impression at game groups or conventions and, who knows, the man/woman in the street!

    I’m ready for UK distribution, you know my money’s good!

    • Ahh, that’s the kind of comment I like to read on a Monday afternoon. Thanks oMaM, you can rest assured that you’ll never find any pretentious rules lawyering or grim-faced competitiveness in an EOG battle report. We prefer making silly noises and gloating at our opponent’s atrocious dice rolling. Oh, and beer.

      I shall continue my research on EOG clothing line production!

  • Anarchy says:

    I came here for the session report, but I want to leave with one of those snazzy t-shirts when they are available.

  • Zach Ross says:

    Just wondering what the RAM box that you’re using to put your cards and minis on is from? And great battle report BTW, can’t wait to get into DUST with my club.

  • Marcia Greer says: Kevin Hearne and others use this for shirts, beer mugs, etc. All my loots are belong to you…

    • Thanks Marcia, appreciate the suggestion. I checked Cafepress out a while back and unfortunately – according to many reviews – it seems their product quality has declined. It’s important to me that EOG members get good stuff! At the moment I’m leaning towards Spreadshirt. So many things to do …

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