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Battle Report: Dust Tactics Battlefield Part 2

By November 11, 2014July 26th, 2019Battle Reports, Miniatures Games, Videos

Private, I’m afraid I have some bad news for ya

The weird war continues in the final part of this Dust Tactics Battlefield battle report.

Forgotten rules, messy scenario setups, unpainted vehicles—it’s all in a day’s work for this Dust Tactics Battlefield battle report; but the important thing is we made lots of silly noises and had a damn good time. We expect you all to look elsewhere for serious bean-counting tabletop miniature wargaming—here at the OG it’s all about having fun, butting miniature heads and enjoying a few quality beers.

When last we looked, Will’s medium walker had been crumpled into a tin biscuit by a barrage of rocket punches. What will he do next?


  • Han says:

    Laugh out loud fun as always, great job.
    I have been tempted to get the board game version (I don’t have the room, and gaming with a tape measure is against my religion). But have held back as the theme doesn’t seem to burst out of this one? It always comes over with a modern/near future post apocalyptic feel, from the videos I have watched. I would be looking for the level of immersion you get from playing Incursion. What is it like tableside?

    • Hi Han

      First – come over to the dark side and grab some tape measures on the way! Tabletop wargaming is huge fun, especially if you enjoy painting miniatures, and there are many different style of tabletop games these days.

      Secondly, I agree that the Dust theme is perhaps a tad restrained for those used to fantasy and sci-fi. It’s probably more attractive to WWII buffs, as it’s basically alternate-WWII (WWII with a bit of scifi thrown in). Personally, theme-wise I usually enjoy the full-on sci-fi of AT-43 and the full-on fantasy of Confrontation (though those games are, sadly, no more), but Dust Tactics Battlefield is still a fast, fun tabletop game. I do wish they’d thrown in an alien race to spice things up a bit (which could be a possibility for the future). I think the squad figures can be a little bit similar, but the vehicles are really where the game’s design shines and are beautifully detailed – I’m not doing them justice in this battle report as mine aren’t painted, but they look great.

      We’ve made a few errors in this battle report, but I was impressed with the way the relatively simple mechanics of the basic Dust Tactics game translate to the tabletop. But then again I’m by no means a grand strategist and play for fun and atmosphere. I think if you’re at all interested in WWII, you’ll find the alt-WWII setting enjoyable; if not, perhaps it isn’t your thing.

  • Han says:

    I also play for laughs. Rules lawyering and the need to win or optimise strategies are alien to me.
    Being an uber fanboy of Incursion, alt WWII is definitely my thing, I just don’t feel it from Dust.
    I have so many board games with 1000s of hrs of potential play available through them, I don’t know if I can justify branching out into tape measure land!
    But, if I cull the games I have been promising myself that I would get round to. Then, SoTR II kickstarter next year, if it materialises, may be a viable route in. Maybe!

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